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Which merchant is recommended by European and American servers? These are still characteristic

We use more European and American servers, mainly for foreign trade and sea going business or big data processing. Comparatively speaking, the configuration and performance of European and American servers are relatively high. Of course, if we need to choose to take domestic business into consideration, we also need to choose optimized lines, otherwise the operation is slightly slow. From the perspective of the choice of merchants, there are many European and American server choice merchants, which also depends on the low threshold of servers. Both individuals and companies are easy to launch products.

However, although the threshold for launching European and American server products is low, the stability is different. Due to the technical and maintenance capabilities of different service providers, these may affect the speed and performance of our servers, even the security.

This factor is generally considered in the selection of servers:

1. Server business reputation

Especially for large servers, we care more about the performance of servers, the stability of businesses, and the cost performance comparison. In addition, we generally do not attach great importance to the price of products for medium and large businesses. If it is suitable for project use, the high price is not important. We are more concerned with the stability and reliability of businesses. We need to choose server vendors with high reputation.

2. Elastic configuration of server

For the so-called elastic server configuration, we need to upgrade the server configuration of the selected service provider. We can upgrade the configuration according to the upgrade and adjustment of subsequent businesses. Some service providers have fixed configurations that cannot be upgraded, or do not provide large configurations. Therefore, when we choose European website servers, we should choose flexible and controllable configuration upgrades.

3. Server management after-sales

For high-end servers, we usually use them for high-end businesses. If there is a problem, we need to get timely communication from the merchants. The after-sales and customer service requirements for the server are also high. If we do encounter problems, we should ask the customer service in a timely manner, and then give solutions.

In this article, these European and American server vendors can also serve as reference for selection.

1. Friendhosting European independent server

Friendhosting, An old Bulgarian host company provides virtual hosts, VDS and independent servers. Friendhosting is 100Mbps bandwidth by default. The bandwidth can be customized and can support up to 10Gbps bandwidth. The IP number of Friendhosting can be customized. It can support more than 250 IPs. Both IPV4 and IPV6 can be selected. European computer rooms: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, etc.


Friendhosting merchants, as local service providers in Europe, provide relatively cost-effective European servers, suitable for users who need to rent European servers.

2. Sharktech European advanced anti DDoS server

Sharktech Shark Host. Some of our friends may know that shark host companies provide advanced anti DDoS servers, which can be selected if necessary, and also have European computer rooms. Sharktech's European servers provide 100Gbps DDoS attack protection. The bandwidth can be 1Gbsp or 10Gbps, which is very fast. Sharktech's servers also provide multi IP support, which can support up to 28 IPs.

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If we need a server with advanced defense capability in Europe, Shark Machine Room is worth choosing

3. OneVPS European server

OneVPS merchant is an Australian funded merchant established in 2012. The company is registered in Hong Kong and supports Alipay and PayPal payment purchase. At present, OneVPS is mainly engaged in the sales of overseas large bandwidth ports and large traffic VPS products. It adopts KVM virtualization technology, exclusive memory and hard disk, and allocates 1Gbps bandwidth ports with unlimited traffic, so it is suitable for Chinese users with large traffic and large bandwidth business needs. All products adopt KVM architecture, allocate 1Gbps bandwidth ports (shared), and use unlimited monthly traffic (10TB is given by default for the opened machine, and can apply for free zeroing when used up without abuse).

programme Memory CPU Hard disk IP4 Price purchase
Basic 512MB 1 core 20GB SSD 1 $5/month purchase
Standard 768MB 1 core 50GB SSD 1 $7/month purchase
Premium 1024MB 2 cores 80GB SSD 1 $10/month purchase
Professional 1536MB 2 cores 100GB SSD 1 $15/month purchase
Executive 2048MB 4-core 125GB SSD 3 $22/month purchase

At present, there are eight data centers to choose from, mainly including VPS products in New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, Germany, and Los Angeles.

In conclusion, the above businesses that provide servers and ECS in Europe and the United States can serve as a reference. Of course, there are also some server and host recommendations in Europe and America.

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