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Methods and precautions for free collection of $20 account balance for BudgetVM

BudgetVM Businessmen are familiar with ENZU, a VPS host provider with low cost performance (price). There are VPS hosts with OPENVZ and XEN architectures, as well as various server promotions. There are four data centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Dallas. The speed of Los Angeles is relatively good.

This article mainly tells you this time BudgetVM For old accounts (those who have purchased VPS, servers and other products in the account), you can get a free balance of $20, which can be used for VPS consumption deduction. Are you excited? If you meet the requirements, apply. Lao Zuo applied and then shared it (whether he was serious or not).

 Methods and precautions for free collection of $20 account balance for BudgetVM

Here Laozuo mainly said that the application method:

First, the premise is that we already have a BudgetVM account, and we have consumed on it before. The newly registered account is useless (someone has tested that the new account is OK, and the new account can try).

Second, log in to the BudgetVM account and submit the TK.

Official website address:

Log in to the account, and then go to the background to submit TICKET

 Log in to the BudgetVM account and submit the TK

Click the corresponding Submit a Ticket link.


Then submit TK according to the general meaning and ask for 20 dollars.

Third, check whether the reward is given

After Laozuo submitted it, it was relatively smooth. You can receive a confirmed notification email within 5 minutes.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business again. I have added the credit to your account. The credit will apply automatically to your next order. If there is anything we can do better this time, just let us know!

Then I went to my BudgetVM account to see if it was $20 more.

 Check whether the reward is given

In this way, I can easily get the $20 balance of the gift. According to the activity description, as of the end of the month, if you need something and want to get a gift, you can try it, because after we know the free Dongdong, we can imagine whether the activity can really continue. We are crazy.

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