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AliCloud server binding domain name processes

Today, Lao Zuo met a netizen who had been using Alibaba Cloud virtual host before. We know that the domain name of virtual host is bound directly on the panel. Since his website project traffic is relatively large, the virtual host is not enough, and I think his virtual host has been upgraded. What Lao Zuo wants to say here is that friends who have used Alibaba Cloud virtual machines may compare their prices. In fact, virtual machines are more expensive than ECS.

Therefore, based on cost and performance considerations, Lao Zuo suggested that he choose ECS. After all, his records are connected to Alibaba Cloud. After Alibaba Cloud servers are selected here, he has no idea how to bind domain names. Here, Lao Zuo simply told him the process and finally helped him solve it.

First, ECS configures the WEB environment

After we choose to use ECS, we cannot directly parse it. Even if we use a lightweight server, it is not easy to parse directly. We need to configure the WEB environment. Here I help her build the BT panel. In the subsequent operation, the panel function of the virtual host is similar to that of the previous one, and there are many online tutorials.

Second, add domain name migration data

Here he has a site on the virtual host. I help her back up data to the local. Then add a site in the BT panel.

 AliCloud server binding domain name processes

After adding the domain name and database, we migrate the data and import the database and files. And we need to modify the database connection.

Third, modify the domain name resolution

We also need to modify Alibaba Cloud domain name resolution. His domain name is in Alibaba Cloud, so he directly modified the domain name resolution on his domain name resolution panel, and directly changed the IP address of the new server recorded by two A's. You can access it after it takes effect.

It is relatively simple. This is a simple process to record the domain name binding of Alibaba Cloud servers.

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