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Introduction to BuyVM VPS host scheme and tutorials for novices to purchase pictures and texts

BuyVM As an old VPS host provider, many friends have heard that in many people's minds, it may just be the scene of looting after the delivery of low-cost VPS. In fact, their product stability and service are good. There are not many VPS merchants introduced in Laozuo's blog. For one thing, I think too many VPS merchants may cause confusion for users to choose. For another, I dare not recommend merchants without knowing their performance for fear of misleading. So in the process of interspersed tutorials, we will also start with the introduction of the old brand merchants. For example, there was an introduction before BudgetVM VPS Merchants and so on.

Similarly, according to the characteristics of Lao Zuo's article, we can start from knowing a VPS/host, purchase a tutorial, and then evaluate the content. This is a little methodical, and can help novice users understand from simple to deep.

First BuyVM VPS Host scheme introduction

Before purchasing, we need to understand the current situation BuyVM VPS product scheme provided. At present, BuyVM provides VPS solutions based on OPENVZ and KVM (Windows capable) architectures.

 Buyvm openvz scheme

The OpenVZ scheme is at least $15 a year (many people like it). It provides 128MB of memory (128MB SWAP), one core CPU, 15GB of hard disk, and 500GB of monthly traffic. It is suitable for a single site or a tool building project.


KVM architecture scheme can be used to build the WINDOWS system environment with a minimum annual payment of $25.

Second BuyVM VPS Host purchase tutorial

Official website address of BuyVM:

 Home page of buyvm official website

We can select and switch the OPENVZ/KVM architecture environment according to our needs, and select the corresponding memory scheme according to our project needs. Currently, there are data centers in Las Vegas and New Jersey. Here Lao Zuo purchases 256MB of memory for demonstration tutorial.

 Buyvm account settings

We can see that the annual payment price is lower, or we can choose to pay monthly. Set the basic account and default system options, and you can also purchase multiple IPs (after the upgrade scheme is purchased). After adding the shopping cart, you can directly check out if the scheme is OK.

Note: The bill of BUYVM is similar to that of other merchants. If it is purchased after the 22nd, it will include 8 days of this month+the whole bill of the next month.

Third, register BUYVM account and payment options

After that, we need to log in/register BUYVM account. Don't say too much about using Pinyin to register an account. Try to be more truthful. BUYVM is still strict in reviewing account information. You can choose PAYPAL, Bitcoin, and credit card payment. It is said that Alipay will also be supported soon.

After the payment is successful, you need to wait for BUYVM customer service to manually review the account. If there is no problem with the account and funds, you can pass the review in a few minutes. It depends on the amount of the bill. We just need to wait patiently.

Finally, after the BUYVM VPS host is successfully purchased and activated, an email notification will be received. It includes the BUYVM VPS information we purchased, the account login information, the panel password and the management user name. The specific panel will be introduced in detail later.

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