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It's a new year

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Based on 2.3.1 + ntr5.03, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update note: PC version 2.3.1 Optimization: greatly reduce memory consumption, reduce stuck, run more smoothly. Fix the system compatibility problems in some scenarios and enhance the version stability. Download address: Baidu cloud: ා gcod blue playing cloud: (recommended) the latest version in the website is recommended~

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Unicom's broadband is about to expire. At the end of the year, the major operators took advantage of 99 yuan to pull a 100 megabyte optical fiber / half a year's Unicom 50 trillion yuan / year (originally it was 100 megabytes, but the maximum access bandwidth of this old community is only 50 megabytes). The initial idea is to build a two-line main equipment, which is the overturned Feixun K3, the Lele firmware, emmm, to be exact, openwrt Don't care about the details! Unicom is OK to say that it used to be, direct route dial-up is OK, Telecom is a bit of trouble, Shanghai Telecom now began to use a new light cat, and set the interface nothing, the basic port forwarding can not be seen, consult the broadband installed brother want to light cat ultra dense, the results tell Telecom is now the old and new two sets of systems, this light cat all equipped with

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Lsky Pro project homepage: demo address: project warehouse address: main features support third-party cloud storage, support local, Alibaba cloud OSS, Tencent cloud cos, qiniu cloud, and youpai cloud. Support multi image upload, drag and drop upload, upload preview, full screen preview, page responsive layout. Simple image management function, support the right mouse button, single selection and multiple selection operations. Powerful image preview function, support responsive. It supports global configuration of user's initial remaining storage space and individual setting of user's remaining storage space. Support one click Copy picture

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Based on qq9.08 + ntr5.03, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update note: QQ 9.0.8 - QQ can receive schedule invitation reminder, important events can not be missed - invitees can choose whether to accept the schedule invitation, experience better - support to display the online status of Apple's new model - reduce memory consumption for users with large number of friends / groups Https:// (recommended) the latest version is recommended~

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Starting Oracle in sqlplus starts the following error ora-00119: invalid specification for system parameter local_ LISTENER ORA-00132: syntax error or unresolved network name 'LISTENER_ Orcl 'solving process: create SPFILE parameter file create pfile from SPFILE; from database folder under Oracle installation directory_ HOME%\databas…

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Create a new session ා example: create cronname screen - s cronname list all screen - LS suspend sessions ා C-A D Ctrl + a then d offline a job ා make cronname offline screen - D cronname resume a session ා resume session cronname screen - R cronname resume offline job # resume session cronname screen - x cronname# This command can also be used for session sharing. Other devices can see the current content synchronously (just like sitting in front of the screen) to end the session

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Guo Degang, a non famous cross talk actor, recently published another book: Guo Lun. Guo Degang's first book, originally called "people in the lake and lake", was renamed "just in time" after the editor's persuasion. Guo Degang is a member of the people's Republic of China. In this regard, he did not shy away. He said that the so-called "spirit of the river and the lake" is the concentration of traditional Chinese culture, including loyalty, filial piety, courtesy, wisdom and faith, as well as the emperor and teacher of heaven and earth. What makes Guo Degang successful is the rivers and lakes, and what shapes Guo Degang is loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness. His experience of success, disappointment, reading experience and life experience are all in these two books. Today, zhe Kongkong of the book list team takes these two books as the blueprint to reveal the secret of Guo Degang. 1、 Cross talk is for the sake of eating. What is the most important? having dinner. Chopsticks are for eating

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YouTube play: if the above video can't be viewed, please watch the video below or download it through the online disk at the end of the article PS: October 13, 2018, LETV cloud account is in arrears, or online disk download (recommended):

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