Meizu, as the only mobile phone manufacturer in China who will be scolded for its price reduction, this time Jingdong 618 marketing is really a failure. There must be a reason for everything. No matter whether it is under the pressure of survival and whether it is a marketing strategy, you can understand kerosene. However, Huang Zhang once said that Meizu 16S pricing is radical and keeps its value. However, is the value preserved? Some netizens in Meizu community and ku'an have answered me in a very good position: why do more Meiyou buy first-episode products post their complaints in the forum? Because in history and the foreseeable future, there is no one manufacturer's flagship machine that will be sold at a discount of 85% in one month! When the first launch, Huang Zhang said that he couldn't afford to lose, so the price was set at 3198, In less than 50 days, it starts to sell at a discount of 85%. Only those who buy the first round will be cheated by Meizu as a monkey! This is the root of the problem, and

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We will find an interesting phenomenon when we squeeze into the bus. Before we squeeze into the bus, we always yell to let us get on the bus. Everyone moves in, there is still room in it. When we get into the car, we start to hate other people's crowding up again. We will bluff and say, "it's too crowded to move. You wait for the next car and move your position reluctantly.". In fact, there is no other change in our faces before and after getting on the bus. We are in different positions and have different interests. Once we occupy a favorable position in society, monopolize social resources, become successful people, and climb into the elite circle, we will instinctively have an impulse to raise the threshold, reduce competition and protect vested interests. As long as we observe the society carefully, we can find many examples from the various phenomena. For example, in officialdom

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Mail login effect picture preview original template source: download address: visit to view the source code of the webpage or download and save the link below the stamp:

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It's a new year. Let's go

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Based on 2.3.1 + ntr5.03, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update note: PC version 2.3.1 Optimization: greatly reduce memory consumption, reduce stuck, run more smoothly. Fix the system compatibility problems in some scenarios and enhance the version stability. Download address: Baidu cloud: ා gcod blue playing cloud: (recommended) the latest version in the website is recommended~

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Unicom's broadband is about to expire. At the end of the year, the major operators took advantage of 99 yuan to pull a 100 megabyte optical fiber / half a year's Unicom 50 trillion yuan / year (originally it was 100 megabytes, but the maximum access bandwidth of this old community is only 50 megabytes). The initial idea is to build a two-line main equipment, which is the overturned Feixun K3, the Lele firmware, emmm, to be exact, openwrt Don't care about the details! Unicom is OK to say that it used to be, direct route dial-up is OK, Telecom is a bit of trouble, Shanghai Telecom now began to use a new light cat, and set the interface nothing, the basic port forwarding can not be seen, consult the broadband installed brother want to light cat ultra dense, the results tell Telecom is now the old and new two sets of systems, this light cat all equipped with

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Lsky Pro project homepage: demo address: project warehouse address: main features support third-party cloud storage, support local, Alibaba cloud OSS, Tencent cloud cos, qiniu cloud, and youpai cloud. Support multi image upload, drag and drop upload, upload preview, full screen preview, page responsive layout. Simple image management function, support the right mouse button, single selection and multiple selection operations. Powerful image preview function, support responsive. It supports global configuration of user's initial remaining storage space and individual setting of user's remaining storage space. Support one click Copy picture

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Based on qq9.08 + ntr5.03, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update note: QQ 9.0.8 - QQ can receive schedule invitation reminder, important events can not be missed - invitees can choose whether to accept the schedule invitation, experience better - support to display the online status of Apple's new model - reduce memory consumption for users with large number of friends / groups Https:// (recommended) the latest version is recommended~

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Starting Oracle in sqlplus starts the following error ora-00119: invalid specification for system parameter local_ LISTENER ORA-00132: syntax error or unresolved network name 'LISTENER_ Orcl 'solving process: create SPFILE parameter file create pfile from SPFILE; from database folder under Oracle installation directory_ HOME%\databas…

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Create a new session ා example: create cronname screen - s cronname list all screen - LS suspend sessions ා C-A D Ctrl + a then d offline a job ා make cronname offline screen - D cronname resume a session ා resume session cronname screen - R cronname resume offline job # resume session cronname screen - x cronname# This command can also be used for session sharing. Other devices can see the current content synchronously (just like sitting in front of the screen) to end the session

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