Sending pictures is too slow after switching to WeChat overseas version

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Recently, sending pictures to WeChat PC is very slow. It is speculated that the traffic has exceeded the agent on the soft route,

They searched some domain names used by WeChat on the Internet

Added to the direct connection rule. The related domain names are as follows:


The above domain name information is extracted by xml escape, see

After adding the above domain name to the direct connection rule, it is found that the speed of sending image files is still slow, but at least much faster than before,

Then, when sending pictures, use the traffic monitoring function of tinder to view the communication IP of WeChat processes

Get the following information, query the IP address of the connection, which is Tencent Cloud · Hong Kong, Tencent Cloud · Singapore,

But why is it connected to a non continental node IP? I have no idea


Then I remembered the binding update window of mobile phone number that used to pop up on WeChat on mobile phone



After WeChat switches to WeChat

Your data will be migrated to WeChat server within 10 working days

Based on known information:

The WeChat server in China is in Shenzhen, and the international WeChat server is in Singapore or Amsterdam.

If you are a WeChat user located in the EEA, The European Economic Area, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) or Switzerland, the data controller is Tencent International Service Europe B.V., a Dutch company, whose address is Gustav Mahlerplein 2, 1082 MA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

If you are a WeChat user located outside EEA, UK, Switzerland or mainland China, the data controller is: WeChat International Pte. Ltd., a Singapore company, with the address of 10 Anson Road, # 21-07 International Plaza, Singapore 079903.


Therefore, the IP address of Tencent Cloud Singapore appears in the IP address connected above. Understand


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    I set up your WeChat direct connection. What's wrong with WeChat transfer and network communication errors? I migrated to the US phone

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    I'm in Australia

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    Do you use quantumult X? If you use it, is there any way to import it by one click? Thank you~

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      @RUSELL No~

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