Instruction manual of flow consumer

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This paper is a flow consumer Instructions for use

In fact, the reason for this is that it came into being in the first place
Just converted sesame card package directional traffic how much no space to use, then built this thing for their own use
What I saw on the Internet before were all local versions, which also consumed the traffic of the server and occupied the bandwidth of the server
Then pickpocketed other people's changes, the page also added some very popular display elements at that time, such as the display of IP ownership information

After that, a lot of speed measurement nodes were added. I found that it was very troublesome to switch from one node to another. I found that the new version of @ net909 tool network had a more elegant and beautiful interface, so I pulled it down and modified it simply to meet the needs of multi node switching. After that, it was released to ku'an, and the daily IP traffic suddenly reached 800 +, I thought I was beaten..

Recently, I also found a lot of friends to pull the source code of this site,
In order to facilitate the hands-on ability of the big guys to deploy their own personalized needs,
Manual pickling this site is also laborious, temporarily hosted to GitHub, convenient for you to pack and download
I believe you are also very confused, why this pure HTML source code, you marked the file suffix is. PHP, in fact, the main In order to avoid cache generation, I usually rename the CDN with cloudflare. In fact, PHP is not used,,,

Project Download:

Download now

Deployment instructions:
Package download file:
Deploy to your site directory. If the server environment is pure static file hosting, such as GitHub page, Alibaba cloud OSS, Tencent cloud cos, you may need to manually rename the file suffix name and change. PHP to. HTML;
If you deploy an older version of the traffic consumer, i.e
Refer to the old index under the current path PHP file, if you specify the node by yourself, you need to modify two places
1. Specify file direct link Specify file direct link
2. Modify the file size specified above
(because this size will be added every successful cycle. If it is not specified correctly, it will lead to inaccurate speed measurement flow statistics,
In addition, since the statistical cycle is the end of a file download, even if you set the consumption of 10MB traffic, if you specify that the download file size is 5MB and the thread is 3, then the actual round will consume 15MB traffic.)
 Modify file size

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    Have you considered that you can add a, set to brush to how many m or how many g flow automatically stop

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      @crueyl Use the old version at the bottom of the page

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    Why does the page return to its original state after a certain period of time? That is, the flow is cleared and the brush flow is in the initial state. At first, I chose to run without limitation. So many times

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    Old brother Gaga conscience!

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