My little friends

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When I look back and look forward to the end of my life, the words in black and white are saturated with human joys and sorrows

The rain wept away
Counter reading
Zero Nine Graphic Bed
Ji Changxin
Qianxun Blog
Fantastic Chenfeng
A forest den
Intoxicated with Chinese style
Clear sky and bright moon
Erchao Blog
Blog Now
Rain falls and withers
Watts Blog
True or False Questions' Blog
Beaver net
Zebra edge
Eric’s Blog
Fengchen Blog
Flowers bloom on the other side
Fallen leaves and red autumn
Hululin Programming College
Mango Blog
Open source graphic bed of Lsky Pro
Mo Mei Blog
Youran Blog
Shallow Summer Blog
isYangs Blog
Xiaoxu No Broken Station
QrCode online generation QR code interface
Zero Nine Cloud Task
Stats operation status monitoring


The following are sites with abnormal site access, temporarily removing the friend chain from the normal list

Javer blog (abnormal)
Mu Ruoxi (Link deletion/site ownership change)
Micro dream blog (abnormal)
China defends the country (abnormal)