Every time the system is reloaded, we have to find software everywhere to download. Fortunately, we open a post to record the commonly used software. On the one hand, it can be used as a backup. On the other hand, it can be convenient for others to save the time of searching for software

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In win10 We often encounter this error in 1803. After analyzing DMP, we found that the culprit was tessdt.sys, which is the protection driver of Tencent's TP game. We wanted to give feedback to Tencent. However, we didn't expect that Tencent's feedback channel was just garbage in the garbage. We were told that it was not the computer housekeeper's driver. We got feedback from wegame official website Page blank wegame client feedback this problem, no one accepted it for a long time. Anyway, it's none of your business. The user experience is 0. After that, I'll give you a temporary solution: refer to Baidu tieba underground city and warrior bar, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5782980127? Re

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One day last month (July 26), I suddenly saw such a message: "Shanghai is a friend welfare! 】The Shanghai venue of the 2018 hot wave music festival will land on Shanghai Jinshan City Beach on August 5. The luxury guest lineup includes Li Yuchun, Hua Chenyu, good sister band, Wang Sulong, Zhang Yangyang, etc. the app will also send out 12 tickets to the hot wave Music Festival immediately. In the midsummer, take an instant to the music festival Carnival! http://web.okjike.com/message-detail/5b59b1097ac7a200115f304a/officialMessagehttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/XonPOiydVKvr…

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Because domestic cloud servers do not provide IPv6 address, the transition method for adaptation may reduce the access speed to a certain extent, but the overall impact is not large. The current access rules are as follows: the main domain name vv1234.cn and the outer chain domain name wx1.vv1234.cn support IPv6 + IPv4 dual stack access by default. Considering that the vast majority of University IPv6 traffic is free and the cost of IPv4 traffic is too high, users of education network will be forced to take the IPv6 line (the speed may be slightly slower). Of course, due to other uncontrollable reasons, please note: The services of other third-party manufacturers used by this site will still generate traffic charges, such as cnzz traffic statistics of Alibaba cloud, arms

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The software to be installed is as follows: application variable (camouflage mobile phone model) gl toolbox (camouflage GPU and other information) model camouflage: for example, camouflage as Xiaomi 6, modify the mobile phone manufacturer as Xiaomi and mobile phone model as MI6, and save and take effect. Configuration description of GL Toolbox: for the first time, it is recommended to swipe in the third-party rec card (if you can't power on, please swipe in the uninstall package generated by the root directory in the REC). Please configure other parameters according to the following figure. Check enable custom configuration check enable GPU information simulation use template GPU: Adreno 530 and manually modify the version of the simulation render below to change 530 to 540 At this point, the effect picture is as follows: HDR HD and ultra-high frame can be opened

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"QQ pet" and "Ledou II" delisting announcement dear players: Thank you for your support and love for QQ pet and Ledou II. For various reasons, we had to make a very difficult decision and announced with great regret that Tencent will officially stop the operation of QQ pet and Ledou II on September 15, 2018. The details of the outage are as follows: on July 5, 2018, game recharging and new user registration will be stopped; on September 15, 2018, the game operation will be officially stopped, the game server will be closed, and the game client download from official channels will be stopped, so that players can not log in to the game; on September 30, 2018, the game official website, forum and exclusive customer service will be closed. Game server off

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My mobile phone's mainboard is not repaired. It's estimated that my mobile phone's mainboard has been scrapped. I didn't want to repair my mobile phone's motherboard! Shop name: Dongpeng mobile phone maintenance.. Please help me forward and expose the profiteer. Students have no money, but also been pit, sad want to cry. Taobao water is really deep, it is clear that brush a line brush bag thing, alas ~ the shop information is as follows: Dongpeng mobile phone maintenance shop home page: https://shop58832191.taobao.com shopkeeper: pcxing888 mobile phone: 13418

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Baidu Library one click analysis free download tool, click the picture to open the website to eat

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Normal situation: according to the order as shown in the figure, cancel the check. If the thumbnail still doesn't display, you can empty the thumbnail cache. If it still doesn't work, please delete all the files in the path directly, and then restart the computer. C: If the file cannot be deleted, it is recommended to use the flaming sword to forcibly delete the file (you can also choose to delete it after restart)

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Open the virtual machine as follows: unable to open kernel device "\ \. [global / vmx86": the system cannot find the specified file. Do you want to reboot after installing vmware workstation? The reason is that the virtual machine is not shut down normally and the virtual machine service is not opened successfully. Solution: CMD can execute the following commands in turn (remember to open CMD with administrator permissions and then execute ~) net start vmci net start vmx86 net start vmnetuserif, and then set these services to boot up If win10, execute this: SC config vmci start = auto s

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