Ora-01790: the expression must have the same data type as the corresponding expression. 1. It is said on the Internet: if this kind of error occurs, you should first check whether there are connections in SQL, such as union, unio all, and so on. If so, it is necessary to note that the data types of fields with the same name must be the same.         select a.time from A a union all select b.time from B b where a.name =   b.name; For example, if the above SQL sentence appears, it should be noted that one of the time fields in a and B may be in date format and the other in string format. In short, the format may not be the same. Be sure to

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Background: take the user Wang in the screenshot as an example. In order to avoid backing the pot and teach him how to recover the data, this article ~ for our small personal site, the general backup is to export the table structure of the database and the data to a SQL file. When restoring, the SQL file in this SQL file can be quickly recovered, Here is a brief description of how to import MySQL backup through Navicat. First, select the library we want to import (double-click, the screenshot is for the convenience of demonstration). After opening, right-click again and select "run SQL file". In the open window, select the SQL file to be executed, click Start and wait for the execution to be completed, and then prompt [SQL] finished su

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Blog access node + 1. I bought the 2-core 4g6m a few days ago. It is really stable after using it for a few days. The machine with large memory is really cool. I will switch to this one when alicloud is due

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Good guy, I only went back to Shanghai yesterday and went back to my hometown. At night, the village committee registered. Today, I received a phone call from the town, saying that the information reported by someone was repeated with me. I don't understand what kind of operation this is 🌝

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Please pay attention to whether the download version is this version or not. The prompt on China's official website is not the same, and the advertisement will still pop up after importing the key.   Open the new text file named rarreg.key in the software root directory and restart the software.  

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I haven't had any water for a long time. I have a bubble. The following photos were taken during October 30, 2020 and November 1, 2020. On Friday night (10.30), after work, we arrived in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in a hurry by motor train. On Saturday morning, we took a bus to Zhoushan New Town station to meet another friend. The following photos are taken as follows: Zhujiajian Baishan scenic area, Nansha, etc   # Sunrise: take a boat from Zhujiajiao to Putuo Mountain  

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Download from official website: https://www.vmware.com/go/getworkstation-win License: license: zf3r0-fhed2-m80ty-8qyggc-npkyf the following is standby: zf71r-dmx85-08dqy-8ymnc-8ymnc-pphv8 az3e8-dcd8j-0842z-n6nze-xpkyf fc11k-00de0-0800z-080z-04z5e-mc8t6 az3e8-dcd8j-0842z-8qygc-8qygc-npkyf following is standby: zf71r-dmx85-08dqy-8yygc-npkyf following is standby: zf71r-dmx85-08yymnc-8yymnc-pphv8 az3e8-dcd8d8j-0842z-0842z-0842z-0842- 0hf8p-m81rq

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  PS: I'm too lazy to toss about. It's better to be simple~ https://vv1234.cn/weblink.html

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The main content of this program: fan Chengjin graduated from University for ten years, but he is still at home. The daughter does not work at home every day, when the parents are also very anxious, but as long as said to find a job, the daughter is anxious. Fan Chengjin also has her own theory, saying that it should be considered in combination with personal development and life planning. In addition, she said that her current physical condition does not allow her to go out to work, and she is nervous when talking to strangers. This is a psychological problem that needs treatment. Fan Chengjin's parents are nearly 70 years old, and they can't afford to support their daughter any more. How to persuade her to go out to work has become an old couple's worry. YouTube source: bilibilibili source:

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