Microsoft text to voice service thief 6

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I have to say that Microsoft's technology is really awesome. Can you hear that the following voice is voice synthesis.

My daughter-in-law used to watch some movies and TV plays cut by the marketing number on dithering before, and the voice of narration has always been the same,

At one time, I thought it was recorded by real people. Later, I saw that some other bloggers also used this tone to edit video dubbing, and I found that it was wrong,

They must all use some voice synthesis tool, but they have never known which one. Recently, they accidentally used the web page reading function of Microsoft Edge Browser,

Only then did I realize that they all use Microsoft's AI voice library to transfer text to AI live voice, one word, 6!, Love love.


Reference use:

Text to Speech | Microsoft Azure:


The following is the way to extract synthetic voice files from Microsoft's own demo page

Official website of Oil Monkey Extension Manager

Edge installed as an example:

(Tampermojnkey) Oil Monkey Extension Manager (Edge):

[Microsoft TTS download button] script (you need to install the oil monkey extension before installing the script): -%E4%B8%8B%E8%BD%BD%E6%8C%89%E9%92%AE

Then, refresh the page, click Play to listen, and the download button will appear at the screenshot below.



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