Flower of the bride

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AFA is in his thirties this year
His family urged him to start a career and become a family
His name is ah Hua
Gentle and smart IKEA
A fa meets a Hua for the first time
No flurry, good manners
I heard that ah Hua is 28 years old
She should marry someone
Later, the story developed well
A fa lifted the white yarn for her
That person is not the first love ah Ling
It's not ah Juan who made him grow up
Hua pulls up her hair
The roses will bloom tomorrow
Push the cup and change the cup
Hand in hand

Later, the story developed well
They have three meals and four seasons are painted
Raising children and raising families with firewood, rice, oil and salt
Occasionally she'll listen to you talking about Barca
Bless him. Bless him
Even if the princess is not a hairpin
It's worth embracing happiness
No matter how old or sick, she is around
Bless him. Bless him
Young people's songs are singing into the wine cup
Those fairy tales of love grow up today
Turn a page for a new grammar

A FA is 68 this year
Sunshine rocking chair reading newspaper
"How about making a pot of tea together"
Take ah Hua and feel it

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If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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