Bride Flower

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Afa will add 30 yuan this year
His family urged him to start a career
His name is Ahua
Gentle and cute, suitable for living in IKEA
Ah Fa Meets Ah Hua for the First Time
There is no flurry, cheering, and good manners
Heard that Ah Hua is 28 this year
It's time to marry someone who is beautiful and intelligent
Later, the story developed well
Afa lifted a white veil for her
That person is not the first love Ah Ling
It's not Ah Juan who made him grow up
Ah Hua pulls up Ah Fa
Rose blossoms tomorrow
Firm step after pushing cup and changing cup
Let's join hands

Later, the story developed well
Two people have three meals and four seasons are painted
Food, rice, oil, salt, child rearing and family support
Occasionally, she will listen to you talk about Barcelona
Bless him Bless him
Even if the princess is not wearing a hairpin
It's also worth embracing happiness
No matter how old, sick or dead she is
Bless him Bless him
The boy's songs are sung in the wine cup
Those fairy tales of love grow up today
Turn the page and change the new grammar

Afa is 68 years old this year
Sunshine rocking chair has lost its eye for newspaper reading
"Why not make a pot of tea together"
Take Ah Hua and let her know

Transferred from cloud


If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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