Boss Yao, who has been busy for a whole day, came out and bubbled in the group today. Good guy, he just sent a link. I didn't know that it was an advertisement. If it wasn't the owner of the group, I would have kicked him out   Click to open a look, thought is what is not regular website, did not expect to be a normal site, white excited, and then found, and so on, this turtle speed, really redefine "fast"! After I got up and poured a glass of water, the website finally opened. As the content of the web page was cached locally, I pressed F5 to refresh it again. Well, this time it was very fast. I already understood what he meant by "fast".   Then the mobile browser opened, after a long wait, the site finally opened, enthusiastic group friends Zhao Jianjian has feedback to big black, but high

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Let's start with a topic map~   Before that, I had been using Logitech's 100 yuan entry-level thin-film keyboard, which had been in service for nearly three years. The idea of changing a new keyboard became stronger and stronger. I wanted to bite my teeth and buy amiloride. But I saw this Akko Bili Bili co branded model. I have to say, it's really nice to see. I have just finished my salary and my wallet has not yet shrunk, so I have to place an order decisively.     After unpacking the express, the keyboard is packaged   The overall color of the keyboard is the blue color of a small broken station. It is clear and refreshing, clean and clean, and it doesn't look very Niang (those who use macho powder are warriors). The key cap is the heat sublimation of PBT, and the axis is cherry's green axis, which is as cool as ever.   Physical display coin

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At present, the picture bed storage server is located in the territory, and it is forbidden to upload all kinds of illegal documents involving pornography, gambling and drugs. The picture outside the chain only has obtained the record number personal blog class site use, forbids uses for the commercial purpose. Gallery access address: Map bed CDN domain name: Map bed accessibility monitoring: Demo image URL: 1bkmi1agp1op56e11sul1b7g29a.jpg picture display

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Unconsciously, it's Shanghai, where I can't sleep at 3:00 a.m. all things are quiet and have a lot of thoughts. I always want to write something. I pick up my mobile phone, close my eyes, put it down and toss and turn. It seems that you can hear the cricket outside, In this bad plum rain season, it's rare to encounter good weather. I'm afraid insects can't bear to take the opportunity to get out and breathe. I like to sleep with the sound of rain on a rainy night. When I wake up, the noisy air will feel fresh. I prefer sunny days, clear clouds, sunny days and long plum rainy season, Long time no see the sun, as if everything in the decadent, while the good weather can finally come out to dry the bad things, but also some hot weather, the first floor in the outside slowly seepage, as if just after exercise, sweat dripping beads appear

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Starwind V2V converter supports the conversion of different virtual machine file formats. Even if the virtual machine is different software, it can still convert the system image to other formats for normal use, which is suitable for virtual machine migration and use, especially easy to use.  

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  Blog in raspberry pie running always feel a little poor performance, simply take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival at home, directly moved to the old notebook. Speaking of it, there was a VMware virtual machine on the laptop, but I felt that it was almost meaningless for taowa to run a virtual machine. Installing Linux directly into the laptop was a little bit of excess performance, and it was not very convenient to remotely manage it. If the two systems were used at the same time, it seemed to be more troublesome... After careful consideration, we finally decided to use esxi to build a virtualization platform to virtualize the whole laptop. As for why we use esxi, the reason is very simple. VMware Workstation virtual machine is used to it, and the products of VMware home are relatively easy to use

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My ideal life is to be with the people I like and do what I like. These days, the weather is unusually dry and hot, which makes people uneasy, and even some people can't settle down to study. Open station B, I will see the top of a popular video called "after the wave" video. It is station B's "blessing for the new generation of youth", and it is also broadcast on CCTV as a special program of the May 4th Youth Day. When I watch, listen to the exciting BGM and the "positive energy." "It seems that my heart is surging with emotion. I forget some worries for the moment. I feel that our future is bright and hope is near. But after watching the video, I feel flustered all the time, and I always feel something wrong with the video. Today, I turn on the video and watch it again, only to find out the problem of this video

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