As stated in the title, The domain name was sold in Western Digital, which had been renewed for a long time before. The domain name expired on October 10, 2028. Throw away the previous renewal price+additional withdrawal service fee, so it seems that it also got something cheap. It's a blood loss~the original Lsky Pro Blue Chart Bed demonstration site, switched to Ps: Originally happy, but it seems that it was too early to be cut off      

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I mean, is there any possibility that I installed the 360 Driver Master Network Card version just because I didn't have a network card driver Juejuezi, one word, Fu~

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This is a flow consumer Foreword of instructions for use; The reason why this thing came into being at first was that just after the conversion of the sesame card package, the directional traffic was too big to use, so we set up this thing. Before we used it for ourselves, what we saw on the Internet was some local versions, which also consumed the server traffic. Taking up the server bandwidth, we pulled others' changes, and added some popular display elements to the page, For example, the display of IP home information has been changed a lot, and a bunch of speed measurement nodes have been added. It is troublesome to switch back and forth every time, so I have the idea of replacing it. Just in time to see the new version of @ net909 tool net, the interface is more elegant and beautiful, so I pulled it down, simply modified it, and it is suitable

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Early in the morning, I went to the county to do nucleic acid and drove to Anyang East Station. Maybe because of the epidemic situation in Henan, the high-speed railway station strengthened its control. Suddenly, I had to check the 48 hour nucleic acid test report when I arrived at the station. Because there was no electronic invoice for the service fee deducted from the ticket refund on the app, I handled the ticket refund manually, He also took the reimbursement voucher for the refund fee of 22 yuan provided by the staff (I was still thinking that the offline service fee was lower than the service fee on the app). In the afternoon, I opened 12306 to buy tickets for tomorrow, but found that the order status of the returned ticket was normal, and no refund was received. So I called 12306 to answer the question. After a while, I refused to admit it, but I insisted that everything was normal, I still doubt whether I went to the manual window to refund the fee. The customer service confirmed the problem with me again and again and then handled the complaint and returned to the Anyang East Station

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Transferred from Weibo video number: Turtles eat turtles 3rds

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Life is hard most of the time. Even if we don't suffer from real depression and anxiety, just mediocre daily life is enough for us. This is from "9 life tips from a psychologist". You don't need to regard them as golden rules. But when you remember it occasionally, it may help you face the challenges in life. @Instant · Life Philosophy of Cats and Dogs

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Early Saturday morning, Chengdu, which has always been sunny, ushered in a cloudy day with northeast wind. The autumn leaves on the street shivered in the cold wind and kept fluttering with the wind, which always implied that it was a cold morning again. At the moment, Master Tan, who had just woken up and washed his head, hurried out of the house. It was nearly noon before he returned with a full load of food. Today, Master Tan was preparing to make marinade. Just now, he was going to the market to buy chicken feet, ribs and spices......                                 &n…

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It's disgusting. It's better not to vomit. Previously, blogs, graph bed nodes and other two sites were running on VPS bought by PacificRack's family. After a year, the server has not even been restarted. It runs stably and is ready to be used again for several years. As a result, the direct price increase is extremely outrageous. It is so expensive at once. I vaguely remember that when I bought it, the promotional copy said that the renewal fee was the same price, and I also enjoyed a discount. The original price was $12, and the renewal fee was directly increased to $30. Surprise, surprise, surprise~

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