Qianxin website guard (formerly 360 website guard) will stop service on June 30. The webmaster needs to move in time

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A product that has been online for many years is going offline: according to the announcement issued by the security company Qianxin, Qianxin website guards will stop service at 0:00 on June 30, 2024. All websites using website guards must be migrated in time, or the website will not open normally after the service is stopped.

Qianxin website guard is the original 360 website guard, which is a function launched by 360 for webmasters/enterprises. It has CDN acceleration and network security defense, used to resist CC attacks.

Later, after 360 and Qianxin separated, this function was also assigned to Qianxin, which is now the guardian of Qianxin's website. It has been a long time since Qianxin can provide free services for so long. It seems that there is nothing to say about Qianxin.

 Qianxin website guard (formerly 360 website guard) will stop service on June 30. The webmaster needs to move in time

It is worth noting that most of the website services for individual webmasters and small and medium-sized enterprises have been stopped or are under limited maintenance, including 7N front-end CDN acceleration Baidu Cloud Acceleration Etc.

From the perspective of industry development, it seems that the website is no longer the focus. More large enterprises are turning to apps and developers instead of continuing to provide some free services for personal websites and webmasters. Therefore, this time, Qianxin's security guards will not cause too much attention.

By the way, Qianxin itself is a network security company, and they have also launched a paid website security cloud protection system and security domain for enterprises. Therefore, if medium-sized enterprises need to continue using such website security services, they can also consider paying for them.

The following is the original announcement of Qianxin:

Dear Qianxin website guard user:

Thank you for your support and trust in the website guard products all the time. In the past days, we are honored to escort your website business. Due to the business adjustment of Qianxin cloud products, the website guard products will be adjusted as follows:

1、 At 00:00:00 on June 30, 2024, the product will be completely out of service, and the website guardian domain name will be offline at that time https://wangzhan.qianxin.com Before that, you can still use the website guard products normally. In order to avoid affecting the normal business of the website, please move out the domain name of the website you have accessed in advance. (If you do not move out in time, the website will not be accessible normally at that time)

2、 If you still need website security protection in the future, you are suggested to consult Qianxin Group's solution level product for website comprehensive security protection - Qianxin Netherworld WEB Application Security Cloud Protection System (security domain).

Qianxin Technology Group Co., Ltd

April 29, 2024



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