At present, the picture bed storage server is located in the territory, and it is forbidden to upload all kinds of illegal documents involving pornography, gambling and drugs. The picture outside the chain only has obtained the record number personal blog class site use, forbids uses for the commercial purpose. Map bed access address: map bed CDN domain name: map bed accessibility monitoring: demo image URL: 1bkmi1agp1op56e11sul1b7g29a.jpg picture display

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The general records are as follows: due to the current and speed limit of WordPress on the mainland IP, the update server can not access it normally, manually update WordPress to the latest version 5.3, modify the blog friend chain to the old address, fix the problem that the page references HTTP resource browser, and it is also worth mentioning that the Apache server has enabled the http2.0 protocol; Now using modern browsers such as chrome that support http2.0, the access speed should be slightly improved.

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Yesterday or the day before yesterday, some friends reported that the site certificate expired, some domestic friends visiting through IPv4 may not be able to normal this site, just planned to repair the immortal, suddenly remembered, immediately went to apply for a free Symantec certificate to change, the certificate expiration time 2020-10-27, now the site should be able to visit smoothly~

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Although it took me about two years to switch my blog title from hexo to wordo in the last two years, it took me a lot of time to switch my blog title from WordPress to WordPress, During this period, some article links are also generated according to the title, for example, the article link:, and this kind of link is also generated according to the title

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Lsky Pro project homepage: demo address: project warehouse address: main features support third-party cloud storage, support local, Alibaba cloud OSS, Tencent cloud cos, qiniu cloud, and youpai cloud. Support multi image upload, drag and drop upload, upload preview, full screen preview, page responsive layout. Simple image management function, support the right mouse button, single selection and multiple selection operations. Powerful image preview function, support responsive. It supports global configuration of user's initial remaining storage space and individual setting of user's remaining storage space. Support one click Copy picture

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Because domestic cloud servers do not provide IPv6 address, the transition method for adaptation may reduce the access speed to a certain extent, but the overall impact is not large. The current access rules are as follows: the main domain name and the outer chain domain name support IPv6 + IPv4 dual stack access by default. Considering that the vast majority of University IPv6 traffic is free and the cost of IPv4 traffic is too high, users of education network will be forced to take the IPv6 line (the speed may be slightly slower). Of course, due to other uncontrollable reasons, please note: The services of other third-party manufacturers used by this site will still generate traffic charges, such as cnzz traffic statistics of Alibaba cloud, arms

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The data of the last 33 days has been basically lost outside the site. The affected sites are as follows:, (additional compensation for re registration / addition: 3 months VIP) (map bed upload record lost, uploaded file will not be lost)

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Moving from emlog to WordPress, however, there are many errors in the database conversion, so only the thumbnails of articles are kept. The problem will be gradually improved, and only the home page has been improved for the time being.

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