The server of LAN uses springboard machine to access the Internet

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This article is not what dry goods, may not use a lot of children's shoes! After all, it really wasted me half a day to study this matter. I'll share it with you!

At present, the software platform made by the company is sold to Party A, many of which require localization deployment! Why is it called localized deployment?

At present, Party A cooperates with either ZF or state-owned enterprises, and requires intranet access to some business platforms.

The servers in the intranet are not connected to the public network (Internet). We need to access the server, which is usually configured with a springboard machine.

The springboard machine can access the public network as well as the server in the local area network.

As shown in the figure:



Here's the question: what about installing some software on the server now?

At present, it is generally compiled and installed! First, download the software on the springboard, and then copy to the server, compile and install!

The disadvantage of this method is that it is more troublesome. In the process of compiling, there may be less package than package!

At this time, I suddenly found that it was cool to install it directly with the click of Yum. What should I do? Intranet server networking requires a variety of approvals (within the system, you understand)~

Can the server use the springboard machine to connect to the Internet to install these software?

As shown in the figure:


Platform system

The system demonstrated by bloggers is as follows

Server: CentOS 7

Windows 10: springboard

Intranet: network cable

External network: wireless network card

Software: ccproxy


Basic steps

Start agent

1) Download from official website CCProxy Software installation

2) This version is divided into free version and paid version. It is recommended that you use it Ccproxy registration code Activate, otherwise limit the number of connections, network speed is not ideal!

3) After installing the software, the settings can see some configuration



4) Support a variety of protocols, such as HTTP, socks and so on

Which network card does the following listen to? Ah? What? I don't know which one to choose? Then choose


IP address of Intranet

Query the intranet IP of the springboard machine. This is simple!

1) Win + R input CMD, console input ipconfig

2) You can see all the network cards, as well as the assigned IP address

3) Find the IP address assigned by the springboard and server intranet

For example, the IP address is


Server networking

Execute the following command on the server, the server can go to the springboard agent!

Reminder: the above command is only for the current shell window. After the window is closed, the agent will be invalid!

If you want to "permanently" go to the agent, you can add the above content to the ~/.bash_ profile

Implementation: source ~/.bash_ profile It will take effect!


Before using the agent:


After using the agent:


The final conclusion

This method is really convenient! There are many similar software, such as haproxy, Proxifier and so on




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