The unlucky child is me

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Early in the morning, I went to the county to make nucleic acid and drove to Anyang East Station
It may be due to the epidemic situation in Henan
High speed railway station has strengthened management and control,
The 48 hour nucleic acid test report should be checked when entering the station,
Because there is no electronic invoice for the service charge of refund on the app
Then the ticket will be returned at the manual window,
And took away the 22 yuan refund fee reimbursement voucher provided by the staff (I was still thinking that the offline service fee was lower than that on the app),

In the afternoon, I opened 12306 to buy tickets for tomorrow,
It is found that the order status that has been refunded is normal, and no refund has been received,
So he called 12306 to answer the question. After a while of wrangling, he refused to admit that everything was normal. He doubted whether I had ever returned the fee to the manual window,
After repeatedly confirming the problem with me, the customer service handled the complaint and returned to Anyang East Station,
I repeated the problem with the staff here, and the front desk of others also displayed normally. After repeated communication, they confirmed with the staff who handled business for me that I did indeed handle it at their manual window, and he also handled the ticket refund at that time, and the system also showed that the ticket had been refunded,
Then I went to the back office to check the data. I found this abnormality and had already refunded my ticket. The handling fee for refunding was still 20%. 75 dollars and 12306 dollars could not be collected,
I also learned through simple consultation that they usually settle their accounts for the day at night or tomorrow morning, and then they will be displayed,
Inadvertently, he also let slip that the technical staff found this unusual order in the background. Together with the previous statement, because the network fluctuation may have affected not only me but also other passengers, which may be a comfort to me, for fear that my mind is unbalanced
(Hidden lines, don't be angry. Everyone else has problems in the morning, not just you.)
Allow sorrow


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