Guo Degang, a non famous cross talk actor, recently published another book: Guo Lun. Guo Degang's first book, originally called "people in the lake and lake", was renamed "just in time" after the editor's persuasion. Guo Degang is a member of the people's Republic of China. In this regard, he did not shy away. The so-called "filial piety" includes the Chinese culture of filial piety. What makes Guo Degang successful is the rivers and lakes, and what shapes Guo Degang is loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness. In his two books, he realized his success and failure in his life. Today, zhe Kongkong of the book list team takes these two books as the blueprint to reveal the secret of Guo Degang. 1、 Cross talk is for the sake of eating. What is the most important? having dinner. Chopsticks are for eating

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YouTube play: if the above video can't be viewed, please watch the video below or download it through the online disk at the end of the article PS: October 13, 2018, LETV cloud account is in arrears, or online disk download (recommended):

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According to a person familiar with the matter, bootcdn may have to stop its service. The webmaster has already made 301 jump. Unfortunately, he didn't even notice that a large number of websites in China would suffer. This story tells us that it is still the safest place to put it. However, we have switched to jsdelivr, cdnjs for nothing, if some pages are not loaded properly, please Ctrl + F5 to force the cache to be refreshed. Access resumed later!

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Register he IPv6 Tunnel to create regular tunnel. After logging in, click create regular tunnel and select the nearest node to compile and install TB tun. Download TB Tun GitHub in your preferred way: WGet to enter the TB Tun file directory After downloading and decompressing, move the file to the folder and enter the folder to execute

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Life is filled with a lot of helplessness and my mother was taught

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Yesterday, I searched the Internet for IPv6 speed measurement, and found the top speed measuring site of China University of science and technology. Then I found that my download rate was only 1Mbps (yes, I believe ~) until just now, I found that the world was so beautiful. When visiting the IPv6 node of cloudflare, the download speed was normal, and the stable running speed was 50 megabytes, which was excellent Please pay attention to the download rate of ipv6.ssmdss/ipv6! By the way, Shanghai Unicom IPv6 access posture to Lede (openwrt) as an example (different versions may be slightly different), wan

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Installation details will not be listed for the moment. Later, we will slowly sort out and install the basic software git https://git-scm.comnode.js start installing hexo. Use the following command to install hexo NPM install - G hexo cli create the hexo folder hexo init < folder > enter the directory CD < folder > install NPM install. Modify the configuration file name of the site as follows:_ Config.yml modifies the theme configuration file. The theme is located in the themes directory_ conf…

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It is reproduced and released by blogger by K007. Please refer to the link of the original text: The software interface is shown in the above figure. You can use it by clicking it. The configuration file is placed in the running directory of the software. What you can understand at a glance will not be discussed in detail. Virus search link: HTTPS: / / www.virustotal. COM / # / file / a83a67e24839e78b74eb0ea182de013a2d22c20c0f4a7841ef96fb5e6931ffd83 / details network disk extraction code

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Based on qq9.05 + ntr5.02, greening is only for learning and communication ~ update instructions: ාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාාා#ාාාා#񖓿 Default high-precision IP query point display operator information - optimize the problem of being partially killed software false alarm - update QQ version number database to 2018-08-18 file verification: Name: qq9.05 green + display IP + anti withdrawal version. Exe size:

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At present, the red core browser, which is known as the controllable kernel with independent intellectual property rights, has issued a number of official statements to quell the storm of kernel counterfeiting. In a statement released yesterday, redcore finally admitted that it was based on chromium open source project, but now the focus of kernel fraud is still very high. In its latest apology statement, redcore admitted that the company had exaggerated its recent financing campaign and misled the public. This statement also reflects the following points: 1. In the recent financing and publicity process of red core browser, there was indeed exaggeration, which misled the public, because red core apologized to the public for this matter. This shows that the original media release known as the domestic independent intellectual property rights independent controllable kernel article, is the red core browser own preparation release propaganda

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