When using Nginx as a reverse proxy server, it is often necessary to forward requests to other servers. In Nginx configuration, the proxy_pass instruction is a key instruction used to specify the request forwarding target. However, sometimes you may encounter problems related to DNS resolution of the target server, especially when proxy_pass specifies a domain name instead of an IP address. For example, you may see an error message similar to "upstream timed out (Connection timed out)" in the Nginx error log. This means that Nginx timed out when trying to establish a connection with the upstream server. This could be

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In the Windows environment, if you want to automatically synchronize local files to remote FTP/SFTP servers, don't fool around with writing bat. It's inefficient and takes time. Alas, it's still too young, and now you've discovered the power of WinSCP The operation steps are as follows: 1. winscp connects to the target server, ctrl+u or through the top menu: Command - Keep the remote directory up-to-date 2. Open the window to simply configure the local directory to be monitored, configure the remote directory to be synchronized to the synchronization option, and save the default. If you want the remote directory file to be consistent with the local storage, That is to say, delete files locally or remotely. Check Delete File 3. Click Start Synchronization and prompt whether to finish the remote directory first

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1. Add version number information to static resources referenced by the page, such as old xx. js? Version=1.0 New xx. js? version=2.0 2. Add the following head<meta http equiv="cache control" content="max age=0"/><meta http equiv="cache control" content="no cache"/><meta http equiv="expires" content="0"/><meta

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The logical structure of Damon database is very similar to Oracle, but it is very different from MySQL and sqlserver. Damon database has no concept of database. From top to bottom, it is in the order of instance user table. See the figure for details; Pay attention to the one to many relationship. When establishing each object, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between objects, what to establish first, what to establish later, who controls what, and what to manage. Here we briefly introduce the following important concepts: database, instance, user, tablespace, schema, table, role, and data file. 1. The physical medium for database data storage. Broadly speaking, any physical medium that stores data can be called a database, such as a word document. But in fact, we say that databases are generally

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It is learned from the official release page that since Vaultwarden version 1.29.0, WebSocket notification has been supported (see: https://github.com/dani-garcia/vaultwarden/wiki/Enabling-WebSocket-notifications )WebSocket notification is used to notify the browser, Bitwarden's desktop and browser extension client of some related events that have occurred. For example, entries in the password database have been modified or deleted. After receiving the notification, the client can take appropriate actions, such as refreshing the modified entries, or removing deleted entries from its local cache

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Recently, it was found that the photos uploaded from Google Photo Album were not displayed at the right time on the APP. For example, the following photos, if viewed on the web page, it is obvious that it is not the wrong time of the photos, but the problem of the time zone. The time zone is GMT - 07:00 in the West 7th District, and the time is 05:12 on April 13, The question is who will eat this in the early morning. Try to adjust the time zone to East Zone 8 GMT+08:00. At this time, we can see that the time is 8:12 p.m. on April 13, which is the right time. Then I am curious about why the time zone of my photos will become the time zone of beautiful country. Most of the answers on the Internet are about the default time zone of Google's account, Unfortunately, none of these settings can be found. Some people let them set in Google Calendar, but

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The Doh used has many advantages. You can understand whether to prevent the DNS hijacking of operators or to prevent the disclosure of online privacy. There is no need to explain it here. Let's read it down. Now, the new version of win11 has native support for DOH, which is very simple to use. You can refer to https://www.ithome.com/0/560/249.htm In this article of Home, if you are a win10 user or don't want to use the built-in Windows 11, such as using the self built DNS service or providing DNS services for other computers in the local area network, is there any simple way? The answer is that we can use the program provided by cloudflare officially. Detailed steps

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Windows11 enables official BBR support. If the following commands report errors or prompt that the parameters do not exist, it is because your system version is not high enough. The commands are executed by administrator PowerShell. Enable BBR support: netsh int tcp set supplementary template=Internet CongestionProvider=bbr2 netsh int tcp set supplementary template=Datacenter CongestionProvider=bbr2 netsh int tcp set supplementary

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Intranet connectivity restrictions of lightweight application server Hello, the intranet connectivity restrictions of lightweight application server are as follows: 1 The two lightweight application servers under different accounts are not interconnected and cannot be interconnected through cloud networking. 2. The lightweight application servers with the same account in the same region and different zones are interconnected by default through the intranet (for example, Guangzhou Zone 3 and Guangzhou Zone 6). 3. The default intranet connectivity between lightweight application servers in different regions of the same account is not available, and intranet connectivity can be achieved through cloud networking (for example, Shanghai and Guangzhou). 4. Description of intranet connectivity. See the following table for the description of the intranet connectivity between different instances of the lightweight application server: see the following table for the description of the intranet connectivity between the lightweight application server instance and other Tencent cloud products: Note: For the above, direct access through the intranet is not supported

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