Download: license: zf3r0-fhed2-m80ty-8qygc-npkyf the following is standby: zf71r-dmx85-08dqy-8ymnc-pphv8 az3e8-dcd8j-0842z-n6nze-xpkyf fc11k-00de0-080z-0802z-n6nze-xpkyf fc11k-00de0-080z-04z5e-mc86t6 az3e8-dcd8j-0842z-n6nze-xpkyf fc7d00 fc7d0-8f71r-dmx85-8qygc-npkyf, the following is standby: zf71r-dmx85-08dqy-8yyy-- d1ydl-m8dxz-cypze-p2ay6 yf390-0hf8p-m81rq

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Boss Yao, who has been busy for a whole day, came out and bubbled in the group today. Good guy, he came up and sent a link. What I didn't know thought it was an advertisement. If it wasn't for the owner of the group, I would kick him out directly. I thought it was an irregular website. I didn't expect it was a normal site. I was so excited And then I found out, wait a minute, this turtle speed, really redefined "fast"! After I got up and poured a glass of water, the website finally opened. As the content of the web page was cached locally, I pressed F5 to refresh it again. Well, this time it was very fast. I already understood what he meant by "fast". Then the mobile browser opened, after a long wait, the site finally opened, enthusiastic group friends Zhao Jianjian has feedback to big black, but high

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HResult code 0x8007000d error message: server error in application "application name" HTTP error 500.19 - internal server error HResult: the description of HResult: 0x8007000d the description of HResult cannot access the requested page because the configuration data associated with the page is invalid. The reason for HResult code 0x8007000d the reason for this problem is that the applicationhost.config file or web.config file contains malformed XML elements. The solution of HResult code 0x8007000d is about from application hos

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At present, the picture bed storage server is located in the territory, and it is forbidden to upload all kinds of illegal documents involving pornography, gambling and drugs. The picture outside the chain only has obtained the record number personal blog class site use, forbids uses for the commercial purpose. Map bed access address: map bed CDN domain name: map bed accessibility monitoring: demo image URL: 1bkmi1agp1op56e11sul1b7g29a.jpg picture display

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Blog in raspberry pie running always feel a little poor performance, simply take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival at home, directly moved to the old notebook. Speaking of it, there was a VMware virtual machine on the laptop, but I felt that it was almost meaningless for taowa to run a virtual machine. Installing Linux directly into the laptop was a little bit of excess performance, and it was not very convenient to remotely manage it. If the two systems were used at the same time, it seemed to be more troublesome... After careful consideration, we finally decided to use esxi to build a virtualization platform to virtualize the whole laptop. As for why we use esxi, the reason is very simple. VMware Workstation virtual machine is used to it, and the products of VMware home are relatively easy to use

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Download address: LAN Zuoyun: (recommended)

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Based on tim3.0.0 + ntr7.1.0 - greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update note: PC version 3.0.0 new features: - New wechat account login mode, multiple login optional; - Visual new upgrade, focus on communication, more efficient collaboration; - friend message new top function, more roaming synchronization at multiple terminals- Right click a single message to support specified reply and forward, which makes message delivery faster. Tim supports QQ and wechat. Download address: LAN Zuoyun: (recommended) it is recommended to use the latest version of the website ~ HTTPS: / / vv1234. CN / Archiv

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Based on qq9.3.2 + ntr7.1.0, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update instructions: PC version 9.3.2 Optimization: 1. New unread message bubble is added in chat window to quickly locate unread message; 2. Visual experience of chat interface is upgraded, which is more refreshing and comfortable. Download address: LAN Zuoyun: (recommended) the latest version is recommended!

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I was puzzled by this problem for a long time, and I finally solved it. I recorded it temporarily to avoid forgetting that the ThinkPad was installed next time. Because the windows 10 installed before was normal, the hardware fault was eliminated. However, the driver was deleted from the official website of ThinkPad, but it did not get better. The devices can be paired normally, but they just can't be used, In any case, you can't use a Bluetooth headset. If you click on the speaker, you can't see any new audio devices in the playback device. On the Internet, you have to go to the device properties to enable the corresponding service. However, you find that you have no similar service names. Two of them are unknown services, and the audio service is always absent, Later, I accidentally turned to a folded answer

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Tencent cloud CDN's IPv6 qualification has been opened for internal test application. If necessary, you can apply for the following page. The application address is: You can simply fill in the application address and wait for approval. If you want to purchase an IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack server, you can also apply on this page. Attach the application address of other cloud manufacturers Alibaba cloud IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack public test application: HTTPS: / / page. Aliyun. COM / form / act608662110 / index. HTM? SPM = a2c4e. 11153940.0.0.586d1637a1xu1t Baidu cloud IPv4 / IPv6 dual

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