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The social sword immortal elder brother, the person wild road many
——This is for my favorite watermelon
It's said that Xiao Ming is addicted to the glory of the king recently. When I played this game for the first time, I fell in love with it. I couldn't extricate myself. I controlled the governor Zhou Gongjin. I was invincible, sent the enemy to the Western Heaven, and cut six generals after five passes. However, I had melon skin teammates around me. Despite my supernatural record, I still couldn't win the game.
At that time, every time there was Xiao Qiao in the team, I could not help but think of the sentence "when Gongjin was young, Qiao was married for the first time, and he was very handsome and had a feather fan and a silk scarf.", Before I bought my costume, I went crazy and rushed out like a mad dog.
Hit Nanshan nursing home, kick Beihai kindergarten, fearless, cool to no friends.
Showing off our record has become our daily routine. Until that day, there appeared the first female college student and the primary school students in the valley.
I still remember that day, the king players finally recalled the horror of being trapped by them to overturn.
It was a time when countless players couldn't bear to look back, and I fell back from the diamond throne to bronze, gradually depressed and very lost. Every day, ge you was lying on the sofa, panting even to open the game.
Startled step by step, vividly conveyed what I thought when my crispy teammates crossed the tower to send off their heads. Our team friends send letters to Buddha when they go out. I... the baby is bitter in his heart, but the baby can't say it. I thought I was so decadent. Until that day, I met the person who inspired me.
People say that year, Li Bai, the first national costume, drank fake wine and drew a circle on my heart in the South China Sea. At that time, the other two players in the team were not able to see their achievements. I watched the bloody tank of our side being attacked by the crisp shooter on the opposite side to suspect his life. After Han Xin stole the Kun, he moved into the enemy one by one.
Under the square defense tower, I quietly smile, the smile reveals a touch of MMP. I was about to drive the crane to the West... When I was going to surrender and put down my mobile phone to talk to my friends on the roof, a bright message suddenly lit up the eyes of the melon eating crowd: "Li Bai, five killers!" My original chaotic brain suddenly exploded like thunder. I saw his strong sword spirit, and his hand trembled to open the list. The name of "MDS, sword immortal" stands out from the crowd, which successfully attracted my attention.
Immortal... One of the three illusions of life appeared before my eyes: "we can kill back!" I suppressed the heart of jubilation, pretended to be high cold typing said: "brother, cast, can't win."
Watching my teammate Angela roasting mutton kebabs under the opposite tower, I almost fainted in front of my mobile phone. "Bian que, quickly take your essential balm to me to smear". After taking over the essential balm, I finally slowed down.
Li Bai was the only one in the whole team. Before the enemy came out, he had been fighting in silence, which made me feel hot in the face and embarrassed to continue to attack. But the name of my Asian non chieftain was not built. As soon as I stepped out of the tower, three bareheaded enemy heroes came out of the grass to squat on me. I can't look at the sky. What kind of hatred do I have with you? Just when I thought I couldn't get back to heaven, the sword fairy came down from the sky, killed one person in ten steps, and saved me in less than half a minute. Feng QiuHuang's special effect blinded my titanium dog's eyes, which made me think that I saw my hero stepping on colorful auspicious clouds to marry me, even though I was a boy.
He came to me and said, "you push the tower, you can win."
"They surround me."
"Don't be afraid." He said he drew a circle on the soles of my feet. I'll kill whoever gets in your way. "
My heart beats.
I understand the truth, but big brother, why do you waste CDs by drawing circles under your teammates' feet? See him ha ha a smile: "ah, just big watermelon robbed my mobile phone, sorry."
In that game, he blocked the killing God, and the Buddha stopped killing the Buddha. He helped me push all the way to the opposite door and finally won the victory.
He finally left a sentence: "don't give up easily."
"Li Bai is so handsome. I love you. I love you."
Xiao Qiao of the other side typed these words in the chat box, leaving Zhou Yu, who was inexplicably sad beside him.
"If heaven is healthy, a gentleman will never cease to strive for self-improvement." That's what he said.
And I think it's him that "the romantic still looks at the present".
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