Please pay attention to whether the version you download is this version. The prompt on the Chinese official website is not this version, and the advertisement will still play after the key is imported. Key activation notepad Open a new text file named rarreg.key and place it in the software root directory. Restart the software.  

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The compressed package contains win7 and win10 activation tools. Please decompress them first in the running characteristics: win7 activation tools collect early pony activation, which is non-toxic, harmless and residue free, and permanently activated. Non KMS win10 activation tools support permanent activation of digital rights acquisition, KMS online activation, and AACT KMS offline activation. They can also be used in the offline state. KMS is applicable to VL version system activation. When downloading MSDN, you should pay attention to different versions.

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Instructions for use: This version is based on QQ PC version 8.9.3 official version+Ntr4.9 greening to complete the functions of integrated plug-in filtering, advertising shielding, IP display, anti withdrawal, medal wall cracking, etc Welcome to experience! If you encounter problems, please install the original QQ and then use the green version! (Then uninstall the original QQ) Attached: Download address of the original QQ: Cloud disk extraction password: 2017 file decompression password: [ypbtn] [/ypbtn] It is recommended to use the latest version in the site~

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