Cultivating immortals in the middle of the night

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It's three thirty in the morning again

The sleepless Shanghai,

All things are silent

Thoughts and thoughts,

I always want to write something

Pick up the phone, close your eyes, put it down and pick it up again

toss and turn restlessly,

It seems that you can hear the crickets outside


In this bad plum rain season

It's rare to have good weather

I'm afraid it's a bug that can't stand it. Take the opportunity to come out and breathe

I like rainy nights

Sleep with the sound of rain,

Wake up

The noisy air will also feel fresh

I prefer sunny days with clear clouds,

the wind is mild and the sun is bright

The long plum rain season,

Long time no sun

As if everything is becoming rotten

It's a good day to finally come out and air it

There's something bad about it

It's hot,

The floor of the first floor is slowly seeping out

It's like just after exercise,

Sweating profusely

Beads of sweat appeared on the floor tiles of the room

Piece by piece

Fortunately, it appeared during the day

Describe this in the evening

It seems that there is something strange about it


The so-called out of sight, out of mind, stop it

It seems that I have to sleep with Mr. Guo's cross talk tonight

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If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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