Automatically synchronize local files to remote servers based on WinSCP

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In the Windows environment, if you want to automatically synchronize local files to remote FTP/SFTP servers, don't foolishly write bat. It's inefficient and time-consuming,

Alas, I'm still too young to find WinSCP's power

The operation steps are as follows:

one winscp Connect to the target server, ctrl+u or through the top menu: Command - Keep the remote directory up to date

2. Open the window for simple configuration
Configure the local directory to be monitored, and save the default in the remote directory synchronization option to be synchronized
If you want the remote directory file to be saved in the same way as the local directory file, that is, delete it locally and delete it remotely, just check Delete File

3. Click Start Synchronization to prompt whether to perform complete synchronization of remote directory first. Select Yes,

It will start to monitor the changes of local files and synchronize them to the remote server. You can minimize the window and keep it running


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