The Dragon Boat Festival is not only a national commemoration of Qu Yuan, but also a place to celebrate Qu Yuan's death

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The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. It carries the excellent qualities of the Chinese nation, such as diligence, loyalty, patriotism and peace love, and has become the symbol of the Chinese national spirit.

However, as you can know, there has been no custom of eating zongzi in Qianxian county and its surrounding counties since ancient times. Now people here eat Zongzi because of the influence of other regions and following the trend after the reform and opening up.

The reason for not eating zongzi is not that there is no rice here. As we all know, the Qin State firmly controlled the Weihe River Basin and the Chengdu plain at that time. The Chengdu Plain was dominated by rice, and rice was also produced by the Weishui river. Therefore, the people in this area did not eat Zongzi because of its unique and long-standing cultural heritage.
During the Warring States period, Qianxian county has always belonged to the territory of Qin. It is located in the center of the territory of the state of Qin. It is the area with the largest population density of the state of Qin, and is also the main recruiting place for the soldiers of the state of Qin. In the late Warring States period, the only threat to the state of Qin was Chu. Chu had launched wars with other countries many times, which was regarded as the most threatening enemy of Qin

Before the Dragon Boat Festival in 278 BC, general Bai Qi and Wang Jian of the state of Qin led troops to the South and broke the capital of the state of Chu. Qu Yuan's political ideal was completely destroyed and he was desperate for the future. Although he had the intention to serve the country, he was unable to return to heaven. He had to die and commit suicide in the Miluo River in May of the same year

The good news that Wang Jian and Bai Qi broke the capital of the state of Chu, especially the news that Qu Yuan jumped into the river, came back to the state of Qin, and Wang Zhaoxiang of Qin was very happy because it indicated that the unification of Qin had become an irresistible trend.

There was a servant in the palace of Qin (at that time, the state of Qin had moved its capital from queryang to Xianyang) in haokai county (Qianxian county). He was very happy when he heard the news. For 56 years, King Zhaoxiang of Qin used troops every day, 15 times against Wei, 8 times against Korea and 8 times against Zhao, and 2 times against Chu. He beat these four neighboring countries out of breath and swallowed up two thirds of South Korea, One half of the state of Wei, one third of the state of Zhao, and one fourth of the state of Chu have made brilliant achievements. However, all these are based on the extreme suffering of the people of the state of Qin. Apart from the heavy taxes, every family member died in the battlefield, which is unbearable. People all know that there is a warlike Qu Yuan in the state of Chu. If Qu Yuan can die, the war will end early, They can live in peace

The messenger found a chance to return home in the evening, and secretly told the good news to his family. His mother, wife and children were very happy. They all cheered and congratulated Qu Yuan for jumping into the river. Another elder sister of the messenger, who has been married, is worried about the war every day. Seeing that he is about to harvest wheat, he is especially afraid that the war will become more and more serious. He is afraid that the people of the state of Chu will come to the state of Qin. In order to reassure her daughter about the crops, the mother, after consulting with her son and daughter-in-law, decided to let her go to her sister's house the next morning and tell her the news quietly. That night, the mother and daughter-in-law used the best wheat flour that they usually did not want to eat to make the pastry which was only used for the festival sacrifice, and turned the hatred of war into hatred of Qu Yuan and released them to the pastry (demonizing Qu Yuan). Considering the lovely and naughty of her little grandson, the mother made a part of the pastry hollow so that the grandson could wear it on his wrist and eat while playing. She also made this kind of flower bun into various strange patterns, and secretly named it "Quyuan steamed bun". She let her grandson eat it, indicating that Qu Yuan was dead, all the demons were dead, and all disasters would be gone, Life is peaceful and happy from now on. Because a few days later, it was the midsummer season of wheat harvest in Guanzhong. The weather was extremely hot. My aunt worried that the little nephew would strip off his clothes and expose his navel and hurt his intestines and stomach. He made two pieces of tummy (bag) overnight. My uncle quickly climbed up the apricot tree at the door of the house and picked a pile of wheat yellow apricots for my nephew. The next day, just at dawn, my grandmother carried a basket (Qianxian people call it the pick-up basket), in which there were tuotuotuo and Quyuan steamed buns, which were made with high-quality wheat flour last night. On top of them were wheat apricot, and on the top was the belly wrap made by my aunt.

Grandma went out so early, and her feet were in a hurry. The neighbor who got up early in the village asked her what to do?
"Send me to my grandson," my grandmother said casually.
Unexpectedly, it was my grandmother's casual answer that helped to create the Dragon Boat Festival culture that lasted for more than 2000 years in Qianxian county. This custom is still popular, and has become a particularly important ceremony for grandmother to visit and love her grandchildren.

Later, people considered that the harvest of wheat and the rush to plant corn were busy and the time was long. So they took advantage of the time around the Dragon Boat Festival to see their daughters and nephews' houses to see how the wheat was growing and what difficulties they had before harvest. Then they sent their nephews under 12 years old with belly wrapped, Quyuan steamed buns, fragrant bracts and special colorful rope. There is a local folk custom. Children become adults when they are 12 years old. In summer, they can't be naked any more, so they don't wear belly wrap.
After more than two thousand years of acting, the custom of sending Quyuan steamed buns has been integrated into more cultures. She contains her grandmother's infinite love for her grandchildren. She hopes that her grandchildren will grow up healthily, free from evil spirits and spirits, be protected by gods, not sick, be lucky, be safe, grow up as soon as possible, and have a promising future. At the same time, there is a certain scientific reason, because in May of the lunar calendar, the weather is hot, the number of mosquitoes, flies and snakes increases, the activities are frequent, and various infectious diseases are increasing. There are various herbs in the fragrant bud. Wearing them on the chest, the fragrance is very fragrant and can prevent the invasion of poisonous insects. It can promote the effect of dispelling poison and avoiding evil spirits, and become a symbol of life-saving and auspicious.

At present, this folk custom is still continuing in Qianxian county. Before the Dragon Boat Festival, you may encounter people selling Quyuan steamed buns. However, due to the evolution of thousands of years and the local dialect of Shaanxi, most people now call Quyuan steamed buns as "Qulian steamed buns", while others call her "Dragon Boat Festival steamed buns" stiffly.

For people in Qianxian County, Qu Yuan's steamed buns are the embodiment of their childhood happiness, their deep feelings for their grandmother, and their deep nostalgia
The difference between Qianxian people and foreigners in celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival is: Qianxian people's grandmother sent Quyuan steamed buns to celebrate Qu Yuan's death by jumping into the river. The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival to celebrate and a happy one, not what Yang Guangyu said can't be celebrated or wish each other happiness. The purpose of eating zongzi by outsiders is to commemorate Qu Yuan's death by jumping into the river, to remember and revere Qu Yuan, and to be sentimental. Common is: all are to show a broad sense of patriotism

Qu Yuan's patriotism is great, admirable and lasting. However, Qu Yuan's love for the state of Chu was only a small vassal state during the Warring States period. He and Wen Tianxiang's patriotism were not the same. Why does commemorating Qu Yuan's patriotic spirit become a custom in most parts of the country now? The Chinese sympathized with the weak since ancient times. After the Qin Dynasty swept Liuhe, although the six kingdoms died, the nobles did not want to die. They expressed their unwillingness by the death of Qu Yuan, a senior official of the state of Chu. They also publicized to their subjects the spirit of loyalty to their homeland even if they would rather die. They dream of returning to the country one day and continue their lives as rulers. The former six countries account for the vast majority in terms of population and territory. Therefore, this custom has been carried forward, spread and passed down in the folk dominated way. However, in the hometown of Qin Dynasty, the custom of celebrating Quyuan's jumping into the river on the Dragon Boat Festival has been continued, but the scope is small. Some areas that should have been celebrated have become commemorative due to the invasion of foreign culture. The areas to be celebrated include but are not limited to: most of Shaanxi, most of Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan Chengdu plain to Qinling, Shanxi, Yunxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia, etc. These are the territory of Qin when Qu Yuan jumped into the river, which is one of the celebrations. Now many of them have been assimilated by Chu Dragon Boat Festival culture.
As the source of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation, the Dragon Boat Festival Culture of Qin Dynasty should not be discarded, but should be cherished, publicized, developed and expanded.
I hope that some so-called experts who do not fully understand the splendid culture of the Chinese nation will not be arrogant, mislead and bury


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