How to use Bluetooth headset in Win7 system

April 19, 2020 2722 points heat 1 person likes 2 comments

I was puzzled by this problem for a long time, and finally solved it. I temporarily recorded it to avoid forgetting it next time

The ThinkPad in hand is Windows7. Because the Windows10 environment previously installed is normal, the hardware fault has been eliminated. However, the driver has been deleted from the ThinkPad official website, but it has not improved. The devices can be paired normally, but they cannot be used,
No Bluetooth headset can be used for any reason. Click on the small speaker, and no new audio device will appear in the playback device~

The online saying is that you need to enable the corresponding service in the device properties, but I found that there is no similar service name in my own, two are unknown services, and the audio service is never available,
Later, I accidentally turned to a folded answer, so I downloaded a driver software directly from Intel's official website, which perfectly solved the problem


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  • Xiongan

    The day before yesterday, I was still troubled by the fact that the Bluetooth headset could not be found for half a day, but I still couldn't find the driver. Finally, I replaced the Win8, and now it is connected to Mizzi

    February 25, 2021
  • Insulator

    It is also my driver of thinkpad, Master Lu. Install on.
    It's inconvenient to listen to music without Bluetooth.

    June 8, 2020