The update description of the zero nine map bed "must see" started in 2016, and since the end of 2018, it has been migrated from the tree hole external chain to the blue sky map bed V1 version. This time, it has been upgraded to the new blue sky map bed V2 version, which is like a song every year. In a twinkling of an eye, it is 2022. The server data has been completely migrated on March 16, 2022. After this migration, All registered users in the station are in an unverified state (please verify the email in time after login). The login account is an email, and the password is a combination of user name and email address. You can also reset the password through the registered email. If you encounter problems during login, email verification or other uses, please add a discussion group to contact the administrator for handling, Visitors are not supported to upload pictures at the moment. If you need to use them formally, please register users first (to avoid abuse, new registered users will start

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The following is a description of the situation: some users reported that they could not upload using the API, and it was found that due to historical reasons@ When transferring data manually from the tree hole external link program in the early stage, the Lsky Pro graphic bed did not support the API function at that time. After the later version supports, the Token field has not been automatically generated for some reasons, resulting in some old users' empty token fields in the user table, causing an illusion that they cannot upload pictures using the interface normally. For users whose token is empty, Tokens have been randomly generated and inserted. Users can view them in the setting interface after logging in to the site. If you forget your password, user name and email address

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Recently, we received feedback that the CDN domain name of the map bed (wx1.vv1234. cn) occasionally prompts that we cannot access this website, and the connection has been reset. After testing, this kind of situation will occur when the new version of Chrome requests to the Qianxin website guard node (the original 360 website guard). This problem has been reported to the website guard team, and now the website guard node has been removed, Effective in real time If such problems still occur, please give timely feedback

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Because of historical reasons, some of the domain names in hand have not been used or have been migrated to new addresses, and do not want to spend additional servers to do page redirection (Qiong!), then there is only one solution: white whoring as described in the title, today's goal is Cludflare, which is also very simple to use, Here's a simple picture to illustrate~Step 1: log in to Cludflare to create page rules Step 2: edit the page rules and save the screenshot 's request will be redirected to Among the above, is the most

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Lsky Pro project home page: Demo address: Project warehouse address: The main features support third-party cloud storage, and support local, AliCloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Qiniu Cloud, and Youpai Cloud. Support multi image upload, drag and drop upload, upload preview, full screen preview, and page responsive layout. Simple picture management function, supporting the right mouse button, single choice multiple choice and other operations. Powerful picture preview function, supporting responsive. Support global configuration of user initial remaining storage space and single setting of user remaining storage space. One click copy of pictures is supported

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Reason: In order to make rational use of resources and avoid waste Maintenance of the external chain map bed The recovery time of the affected domain name is to be determined~ps: At 16:56:08 on February 10, 2017, the maintenance was completed

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