Lsky Pro project home page: Demo address: Project warehouse address: The main features support third-party cloud storage, including local, Alibaba cloud OSS, Tencent cloud cos, qiniu cloud and youpai cloud. Support multi image upload, drag and drop upload, upload preview, full screen preview, page responsive layout. Simple image management function, support the right mouse button, single selection and multiple selection operations. Powerful image preview function, support responsive. It supports global configuration of user's initial remaining storage space and individual setting of user's remaining storage space. Support one click Copy picture

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The complete operation records are as follows: ා step 1, install davfs2 Yum install davfs2 - y #; create the directory MKDIR / www / wwwroot / mdzz #, and mount - t DAVFs /After the execution of WWW / wwwroot / mdzz, enter yandex's account number and password according to the prompts. Note: the OpenVZ architecture server needs to enable fuse to work normally! Test environment: CentOS Linux 7.4

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A while ago, the map library changed its mind. I didn't expect 360 cloud disk to stop cooking this month

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