Being rich is not necessarily a good thing. For the sake of social harmony, don't expose your wealth

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The ten cents I got from buying vegetables in recent months are cluttered in drawers with coins and notes, which makes me deeply realize the worry of being a rich man. I worry about not spending my money all day long, so I also lost sleep for several months. It seems that being rich is not necessarily a good thing!

In order to get a good sleep, I decided to spend all my money. But looking back, how can I spend all my money? One casual morning, for the first time, I woke up very early. After getting up and washing, I turned on the computer. I stared at the screen for a long time. I was tired. I looked at the time again. It was only seven o'clock. When I was bored, I suddenly wanted to go out and walk. So I took my money out of the door. Where are we going? I kept asking myself that when I walked to the bus stop, I suddenly knew what I was doing. I'd better take the bus! It's good to see the scenery on the bus.

Because this time is the rush hour for work, there are so many vehicles, roads are so crowded, and there are so many people waiting for the bus. I was afraid that I could not get on the bus and my spending plan would fail. I was so worried that I ignored my face. So I ran to the front of the crowd and waited for the bus. Wait left, wait right, and finally a car slowly climbed up from the front. Just when the car was about to stop, I suddenly pushed to the door. With my unremitting efforts, I finally squeezed onto the car.

I stood in front of the coin box, and the driver focused on my every move. I was afraid that I would be dishonest and squeeze into the carriage without paying. I returned him with a contemptuous look, thinking: Your grandpa, I have too much money to spend. This is a special way to spend money, and you are worried that I will not pay. At this time, I slowly reached into my big pocket to take out the money. The driver and the people waiting to get on the bus behind me all looked anxiously at my fat pocket, as if they were secretly hoping that I would accidentally drop a bundle or two when I paid. What's more, they were ready for the final rush to steal money, just waiting for my money to drop a bundle or two as they imagined. However, I'm not that stupid! At this time, I slowly took out a black plastic bag. People's eyes became brighter. I thought: there must be a lot of money in it. As I thought about it, I could not help but show an imperceptible smile on each face, and all of them were secretly working hard, waiting for a chance. My hands trembled, and the big money fell all over the floor, and then I grabbed it at the first time.

However, when I opened the plastic bag, it was wrapped with a layer of newspaper that I had spent two days carefully selecting. Needless to say, the words and pictures on the newspaper were reasonably arranged, the size and density were arranged in order, with strong visual impact and high aesthetic value. When people saw that there was another layer of newspaper inside, their expressions were more or less disappointed. However, when I was about to open the newspaper, some smart people became more excited immediately. They thought: if there were no goods in it, it would never be packaged so beautifully and tightly. Thinking about it, I wish the money in my hand were scattered immediately. I used my body as much as possible to block them from seeing, but people still didn't give up. They suddenly stood on tiptoe and peeped at me. The driver couldn't help but stand up. It was really a morale boost. When the newspaper finally opened, they found that there was another layer of cloth carefully selected by me. People were disappointed again. I was very upset that they saw me again. No way, I opened the cloth without waiting for people to cheer up again. They were surprised to find that there were a lot of money in the cloth. A dime thick was exposed in front of them. They didn't shut their mouths for a long time.

I calmly counted twenty pieces and put them into another pocket. Then I rewrapped the extra money and put it back into my closest pocket. I felt it again with my hands. I had to make sure that my money was safely in my pocket. Then I reached into another pocket and carefully took out the twenty bills I had counted before. My hands trembled because I was too careful, and I dropped one as they wanted. I thought to myself: Are you happy? My money really fell. In a panic, I stepped on it with my feet in fear of being robbed by them. You know, there are a lot of greedy eyes staring at my money! Fortunately, they may be frightened by my money and stand there one by one, unable to recover for a long time. I quickly picked up the money that had fallen on the ground and counted it three times carefully. After confirming that it was twenty, I put it into the coin box with confidence. Then people came back to their senses. The previous worries were unnecessary, I told myself.

When people came back to their senses, they crowded into the car like crazy. They didn't come to rob me, did they? I thought to myself. So I pressed my hand on my pocket and swore in my heart that I would never give them a chance. At this time, the bus has slowly climbed forward. I want to take a seat at the terminal and get off. I think I knew that the rich people on me had almost got off the bus. The driver is the only one who knows that I have money. I'm not afraid of it. I've even thought about it. If he wants to rob hard, I'll kick him off first, and then before he can react, I'll knock him down on the nose with a heavy punch. Then I'll take three moves to defeat the enemy and finally give him to the police uncle. I couldn't help laughing. At this time, everyone on the bus looked at me with a kind of determined eyes, and I realized that I had thought too much. After waiting for many stops, no one wants to get off the bus. On the contrary, more and more people get on the bus. I'm worried. I can't beat so many people! At this time, I was getting closer to the terminal, and my heart was extremely cold. I had to make sure that they all came for my money. I immediately regretted revealing my wealth in a crowded place. It was I who provoked their evil intentions and lured others to commit crimes! When I was worried about my money, I felt guilty.

At this moment of confusion, because there were too many people on the bus, people pushed me to the door. At this time, the bus just arrived at the station and stopped. As soon as the door opened, they pushed me out of the bus. The people on the bus were stunned for a few seconds, suddenly reached out to pull me back to the bus. I suddenly dodged their magic grasp and ran back. I ran all the way, but I didn't dare to look back for fear that they would catch up. I didn't know how long they had run, but I couldn't run any more. I thought to myself: No matter what, it's a big deal to catch up and give them money. So I was too lazy to run. I sat on the ground and gasped. Looking back, no one caught up with me. I was glad that I was quick and ran fast. Yeah! I slapped my thighs. I ran so fast that I might as well have a try in the next marathon. Maybe I won the first place by accident! At this time, a heroic scene suddenly formed in my mind. Not far from the end, I was rushing forward desperately, and other competitors were left behind by me ten or twenty kilometers away. At this time, countless beautiful women on both sides of the runway were cheering for me crazily. The referee at the end of the race cautiously raised the flag and waited for me to cross the finish line. When I was about to break the finish line... "Hey! Are you all right?" A passer-by patted me on the shoulder, and his thoughts were suddenly pulled back, and he was secretly scolded in his heart that he was really untimely. I got up from the ground, patted the ash on my buttocks, said "nothing" and left

I came home without knowing where to put the money. It was too dangerous to think of the fact that this morning happened. So I searched the Internet and answered the question, "What if I can't spend too much money?" Suddenly many people answered, most of them greedily asked me where I put my money? Why not put him there? It's safe! Of course, some kind-hearted people told me that it was the safest to deposit in the bank. I thought about it and thought it was reasonable, so I took the money to the bank without stopping. The beautiful sister in the bank saw that I had taken a bag so thick that she dared not drop it. She took the bag solemnly, opened it, looked silly, and then helplessly counted it. I watched her carefully and counted them. She said that my money was eight dollars and two dollars! I was afraid that she would count less, so I asked her to count twice again. I looked at her carefully and counted twice, and confirmed that there was no mistake. Finally, I saved it in my card, took back the bank card and invoice, and immediately ran to the ATM outside to check. It clearly showed 8.20. I finally felt relieved.

After this experience, I made a summary. For the sake of social harmony, don't expose your wealth. While protecting your private property, it also reduces the occurrence of robbery and theft. This is for the benefit of mankind! Finally, remind the masses of the people once again that they should not reveal their wealth!


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