There is a problem with the release on April 11, 2021. It may be that several DLLs have been deleted by mistake, which leads to abnormal login. It is always displayed that the new version has been updated. Please download it again (PM 21:10). Thank you @ Ji Changxin for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that I've been met by my girlfriend. I'm sorry, but I can't help it. Download address: LAN Zuoyun (recommended) Baidu cloud link: Password: gcod other historical versions download: https://eyun.b

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Please pay attention to whether the download version is this version or not. The prompt on China's official website is not the same, and the advertisement will still pop up after importing the key. Key activation Notepad opens a new text file named rarreg Put the key in the root directory of the software and restart the software.  

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Based on tim3.0.0 + ntr7.1.0 - greening only for learning and communication ~ update note: PC version 3.0.0 new features: - New wechat account login mode, multiple login options- Visual brand new upgrade, focus on communication, more efficient cooperation- Add the function of setting the top of friends' message, which can also synchronize multi terminal roaming- Right click a single message to support specified reply and forward, which makes message delivery faster. Tim supports QQ and wechat two quick login methods, download address: LAN Zuoyun: The latest recommended version~

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Based on qq9.3.2 + ntr7.1.0, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update instructions: PC version 9.3.2 Optimization: 1. Add unread message bubble in chat window to quickly locate unread message; 2. Chat interface visual experience upgrade, more refreshing and comfortable. Download address: LAN Zuoyun: (recommended) the latest version is recommended!

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Based on tim3.0.0 experience version + ntr6.2.0 green (integrated QQ to verify patch) for learning and communication only ~ update note: PC version 3.0.0 Tim supports QQ and wechat two quick login methods. For details, please refer to it home Download address blueplay cloud: (recommended) the latest version is recommended

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The compressed package contains win7 and win10 activation tools. Please decompress it first. Features of operation: win7 activation tool collects early horse activation, non-toxic, harmless, no residue, permanent activation, non kms win10 activation tool supports the acquisition of digital rights, permanent activation, KMS online activation, and AACT kms offline activation. It can also be used in no network state. KMS is suitable for VL version system activation. When downloading MSDN, you need to pay attention to version differentiation.

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It is reproduced and released by blogger by kn007. See the link of the original text for details The software interface is as shown in the figure above. It is also very convenient to use. You can click it to use it. The configuration file is placed in the software running directory. You can understand what you can read, so you can't talk about it in detail. A link is attached: Network disk extraction code

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Every time the system is reloaded, we have to find software everywhere to download. Fortunately, we open a post to record the commonly used software. On the one hand, it can be used as a backup. On the other hand, it can be convenient for others to save the time of searching for software

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The assembler activation tool, pure and unbound, does not lock the home page, one key permanent activation win7 system, win8 system, win8.1 system, win10 system. Solve the activation problem of various series of office software, easily achieve perfect offline activation permanently with one click, completely surpassing any other activation tool. Kms service is abnormal. The activation function may have failed. The following tool is recommended for wall cracks @Reprinted from the Internet

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