The IPV6 qualification of Tencent Cloud CDN has been open for internal test application. If necessary, you can apply for the address on the following page: Simply fill in. If you want to purchase an ipv4/ipv6 dual stack server, you can also apply on this page Attach the application address of other cloud manufacturers Alibaba Cloud IPv4/IPv6 dual stack public beta application: Baidu Cloud IPv4/IPv6 Dual

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Register HE IPv6 tunnel Create Regular Tunnel After logging in, click Create Regular Tunnel and select the nearest node to compile and install tb tun. Download tb tun Github in your preferred way: wget Enter the tb tun file directory, download and decompress the file, move the file to the folder, and enter the folder to execute

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Since domestic ECS servers do not provide ipv6 addresses, the transition method used for adaptation may reduce access speed to a certain extent, but the overall impact is small. The current access rules are as follows: the main domain name of the site,, and the external link domain name of the map bed,, support dual stack access of ipv6+ipv4 by default. Considering that the vast majority of college ipv6 traffic is free and the cost of ipv4 traffic is too high, users of the education network will be forced to use the ipv6 line (the speed may be slower). Of course, because of other uncontrollable reasons, Please note that the services of other third-party manufacturers used on this site will still incur traffic charges, such as the CNZZ traffic statistics of Alibaba Cloud, ARMS …

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