Mobile SDK

The microblog open platform provides a convenient cooperation mode for mobile applications, meets the needs of diversified mobile terminal users to quickly log in and share information anytime and anywhere, and helps to realize the social access of mobile apps, health devices, smart homes, cars and other types of terminals.

Sharing and Weibo account login

The microblog open platform has opened multiple interfaces, including authorization, user and sharing, which can be used in any development environment after being authorized by Oauth2.0 users, and can meet the product needs of various developers for social account login, sharing, etc.

Web Access

The microblog open platform encapsulates the microblog login button, follow button, share button and other components that can be directly deployed on any website, which reduces the threshold for new user registration for developers, while realizing the zero cost introduction of social relations and the rapid spread of high-quality content.

Excellent developer

Weico is a product brand independently developed and operated by eico design, a well-known user experience design company in China. Its Pinco Pincool, Weico Weibo client, Wecan, WeicoGIF, WeicoNote and other high-quality star products have tens of millions of smart mobile platform users. Provide customers with brand design, conceptual design, user experience, interaction design, graphical interface visual design and final product design.