V1 To V2

The microblog open interface (api. weibo. com) has been fully upgraded to HTTPS calls as early as 2014. The microblog open platform has always required developers to use HTTPS to call the microblog open interface.

However, considering the actual situation of some developers, the microblogging open platform has not completely closed HTTP calls, so there are still some developers using HTTP calls, and the amount of calls has been very small.

At the same time, in view of the recent needs of microblog security business, in order to prevent the hijacking of user requests caused by insecure HTTP calls and the occurrence of abnormal interactions among users, the microblog open platform decided to gradually offline the HTTP call mode of the interface from June 10, 2019, when all microblog open interface calls must use the HTTPS mode, If the call is still made via HTTP, an error will be reported after June 21, 2019.

Example of error message

 { "request":"/2/statuses/XXX.json", "error_code":"10021", "error":"HTTPmethod is not suported for this request." }

Please check and upgrade your own programs.

Document update time: May 27, 2020