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Recommend a beautiful Sublime Text 2/3 theme download and installation (itg. flat)

Because I am not a computer learner, I have accumulated my skills in network technology through hobbies. Recently, I feel that there is still a big gap in technology. So prepare the system for self-study, and slowly pick up from the front. I used to use EDITPLUS and other editors in the past, and I saw that the professional front-end brothers basically Sublime Text At the beginning, there are other editor tools.

Most network practitioners, especially code farmers, are visual animals. They knock code into the editor every day. If the theme of the editor is not liked, or they want to change it frequently. So, after installing Sublime Text Later, the default interface is OK, but I still want to find a slightly handsome theme. So I saw this model itg.flat The theme is quite beautiful.

 Recommend a beautiful Sublime Text 2/3 theme download and installation (itg. flat)

The above is installed by Lao Zuo itg.flat The theme interface is much better than the default theme interface. And there are many colors to choose from. If we also like this theme, let's see the following installation scheme.

First, install online plug-in theme package

When we install any Sublime Text plug-in or theme, there are hundreds of plug-ins and themes to choose from in the default online library. We must first install the Package Control plug-in.

Package Control installation method:

A - Sublime 2 version

import urllib2,os,hashlib; h = 'eb2297e1a458f27d836c04bb0cbaf282' + 'd0e7a3098092775ccb37ca9d6b2e4b7d'; pf = 'Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp = sublime.installed_packages_path(); os.makedirs( ipp ) if not os.path.exists(ipp) else None; urllib2.install_opener( urllib2.build_opener( urllib2.ProxyHandler()) ); by = urllib2.urlopen( ' ' + pf.replace(' ', '%20')).read(); dh = hashlib.sha256(by).hexdigest(); open( os.path.join( ipp, pf), 'wb' ).write(by) if dh == h else None; print('Error validating download (got %s instead of %s), please try manual install' % (dh, h) if dh != h else 'Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation')

B - Sublime 3 version

import urllib.request,os,hashlib; h = 'eb2297e1a458f27d836c04bb0cbaf282' + 'd0e7a3098092775ccb37ca9d6b2e4b7d'; pf = 'Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp = sublime.installed_packages_path(); urllib.request.install_opener( urllib.request.build_opener( urllib.request.ProxyHandler()) ); by = urllib.request.urlopen( ' ' + pf.replace(' ', '%20')).read(); dh = hashlib.sha256(by).hexdigest(); print('Error validating download (got %s instead of %s), please try manual install' % (dh, h)) if dh != h else open(os.path.join( ipp, pf), 'wb' ).write(by)

We choose the above installation command according to the Sublime version we use. Use CTRL+'to call up the input box, and then paste it in and enter. After the installation is completed, we can restart Sublime.

Second, installation theme

Like other topics, we first need to use COMMAND+SHIFT+P (if we are in the WIN system, enter CTRL+SHIFT+P) to call up the input box, and then enter Install Package, and then enter itg.flat to see the plug-in, and then select Enter to automatically install it.


Third, set the itg.flat theme parameter

After installation, we need to set it.

A - Set the default startup theme


We set in the interface shown in the figure above, and enter in the corresponding Preferences.sublime-settings document

//I set this line:
"theme": "itg.flat.dark.sublime-theme"

// for a light theme use:
"theme": "itg.flat.light.sublime-theme"

// additional (dark) color options
"theme": "itg.flat.dark.aqua.sublime-theme"
"theme": ""
"theme": ""
"theme": ""
"theme": "itg.flat.dark.yellow.sublime-theme"

When I choose to input parameters that are not available, I can see the color interface that is not available. I can choose according to my own needs.

B - Set Highlight


We can also set manually

/ for a dark theme use:
"color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - itg.flat/itg.dark.tmTheme",

// for a light theme use:
"color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - itg.flat/itg.light.tmTheme",

Then we have other parameter settings, such as the size of the sidebar and the top tab:

/ small tabs
"itg_small_tabs": true

// Sidebar padding options
"itg_sidebar_tree_xsmall": true
"itg_sidebar_tree_small": true
"itg_sidebar_tree_medium": true
"itg_sidebar_tree_large": true
"itg_sidebar_tree_xlarge": true

// Scrollbar size options
"itg_scrollbar_small": true
"itg_scrollbar_medium": true

// if the scrollbar options aren't working, try setting the following
"overlay_scroll_bars": "disabled"

We can make selective adjustments according to our own needs.

In conclusion, this beautiful itg.flat theme has been installed in our Sublime Text software, which is suitable for versions 2 and 3.

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