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How about the BeTheme theme? An easy-to-use WordPress multi-function responsive theme

BeTheme, a WordPress theme from abroad, should be one of the popular themes in the ThemeForest theme forest, and BeTheme It has multiple functions. BeTheme It can be used to build blogs, corporate websites, e-commerce websites, news and information websites, etc. The Beththeme theme has a built-in Bebuilder builder, and can also be introduced into the Elementor page builder. We can layout page building by visual drag and drop.

BeTheme has a wealth of presentation templates. We can quickly build a similar presentation website through the function of one click template import. It also includes various industries, which is very convenient. The BeTheme theme provides more than 650 prefabricated templates. The BeTheme theme also classifies prefabricated templates so that users can quickly find templates that meet their requirements. After finding the required demo template, the system will prompt you to install other plug-ins required by the demo template. You can also select the content to import, and then start the import process. After the import is completed, the system will notify you.

The BeTheme theme has a built-in dedicated Bebuilder builder. It also introduces the elementor page builder. When we choose to design website templates, we can see that each template has a Be icon in the upper right corner, or a Be icon and an E icon. Here, Be is the built-in Bebuilder page builder of the theme, which is supported by all prefabricated theme templates. The E icon indicates that the template also supports editing with the Elementor builder. Customize the layout page as needed.

This excellent multi-functional WordPress theme license only costs $60, which is very cost-effective compared with some domestic theme developers.

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