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Recommended themes of three easy-to-use foreign trade WordPress malls

WordPress open source CMS programs can be used in a wide range of applications, such as personal blogs, corporate websites, and e-commerce B2C malls. Just find the right ones WordPress Mall Theme OK. If the content of our overseas foreign trade business is not very much, the general enterprise products can actually be used WordPress Mall Theme B2C shopping websites or product websites built are also sufficient. The first thing here is to find the theme of the mall suitable for foreign trade business.

In this article, Lao Zuo sorted out several cost-effective WordPress Mall themes.


Porto is a powerful, customizable, user-friendly WordPress theme and WooCommerce&website builder for building modern websites. Porto provides the ultimate WooCommerce function, including exclusive skin, layout and functions. Porto guarantees ultra fast performance, which is critical to your business and WooCommerce store.


Flatsome is the most commonly used and trusted theme of any WooCommerce project. The latest WooCommerce version is always supported, so Flatsome is the safest theme for your project. Flatsome theme can be compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress, focusing on creating an online store. It also has ready-made templates for corporate websites, blogs and personal websites (freelancers) of the company.


Woomart is an advanced WordPress theme, which is designed from the foundation and used to build the highest WooCommerce online store of any type. First, focus on the user experience, and use the powerful AJAX technology to provide users with a very fast and seamless online shopping interface without constantly refreshing the page. It is suitable for us to build any type of online store. The WoodMart theme provides more than 70 amazing layout demonstrations, which can be used to build different types of online stores, including WPBakery drag and drop page generator, drag and drop title generator, etc.

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