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The WordPress personal blog template that Lao Zuo is using recommends personal blog We Media

Although there are many CMS programs on the market that provide personal blog site building, most friends will still like to use WordPress programs. Of course, this is because WordPress has rich theme templates and function plug-ins to implement most of our functions. Of course, there are also very broad documents. There is no denying that WordPress is really a good program to build personal blogs. We just need to choose a beautiful theme to quickly build a website. Although thousands of personal blog templates are available on the official and online, most of them are not very easy to use. Considering the efficiency, Laozuo still recommends that you choose a paid theme template.

If we are a Chinese website, I do not recommend that you choose overseas themes. Although the overseas host is very powerful and beautiful, its structure does not take into account the low bandwidth of our domestic servers. Too many files need to be loaded, resulting in slower speed. We generally recommend choosing a Chinese blog or WordPress personal blog template developed by Chinese users. There are several good themes in our country, and Lao Zuo also has choices and uses. Here I recommend and sort out the WordPress personal blog templates I am using and set up for my friends.

1. DUX Theme

This theme comes from the original big front end and is now a product of Themebetter. Of course, I also have their D8 and XIU themes, but the previous themes have rarely been updated, so I do not recommend choosing them. Their general strategy is that the subsequent updates will upgrade faster, and the previous ones will not be updated. Therefore, we should try our best to choose products that are close to each other. For example, this DUX theme is still better. Although the license is 799 yuan, we can not limit the use of the site, of course, as long as it is our own site.

 Recommend two worthwhile personal blogs and We Media WordPress payment topics

It seems that the unit price is relatively high, but this DUX theme does not limit the number of domain names bound. As long as the domain name is our own, don't give it to others. That's no problem. If you have many websites, you can share the cost equally. Some topics are limited by the number of bound domain names.

2. JustNews Theme

The theme of JustNews was started by Laozuo last year during the Double 11. This theme is played more by domestic friends, especially content based We Media and personal blogs. There are rumors in the circle that SEO is better, of course, these are all conjectures. The quality of a website depends on the quality of its content. You can't use any theme if your content is not good. But it is true that the functions of this theme are completely suitable for personal blogs, including layout and layout settings, which can be configured through background visualization. The theme uses a self-developed framework.

 JustNews Theme

This theme sells for 599 yuan to authorize a domain name. If you need to change the domain name, you can apply in the background. It seems expensive, but we need to think about simple investment, so we don't need to spend time looking for topics, just focus on website.

Of course, for WordPress personal blog theme, I certainly won't use these two. For example, robin theme, YIA theme, many, many, but the above two are worth choosing, I believe there is no mistake.

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