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How to use the Linux VPS tar.gz compression command

Yesterday, Lao Zuo shared zip/unzip Compression and decompression methods. In fact, about Linux VPS There are many compression and decompression commands available in, such as tar.gz , tar. bz, rar, gzip, etc. We do websites or play VPS. Personally, as long as we can use one or two of them, it is not scientific research. It is unnecessary to master all of them. Of course, if you want to master it, you can.

Yesterday's zip/unzip is preferred by Laozuo, but sometimes we install llsmp without ZIP command execution by default, so we need to install the execution component( Recommended reading: Solve the unzip file of Linux VPS installation )。 For example, the llsmp we installed is available by default tar.gz Command, so I think it is necessary to learn this command operation. Most webmasters use this, and ZIP is not very useful. Now let's learn how to use it.

1、 Compression command

Format: tar - zcvf compressed name. tar.gz compressed file

Example: tar - zcvf html

2. Decompress command:

Format: tar - zxvf decompress filename. tar.gz

Example: tar -

Explanation: Although there are other parameters, in order not to mislead you, I will directly use an example to tell you that compression and decompression should be used this way.

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