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Why Windows VPS is more expensive than Linux VPS

In recent days, Lao Zuo has been learning how to use and maintain Windows vps. I originally wanted to buy a cheap and usable overseas Windows vps for learning. It is found that overseas Windows vps are much cheaper than Linux vps. I used it when learning Linux vps budgetvm vps The 512M solution only costs $3.99 a month, and two independent IPs are presented.

In comparison, there are not many overseas Windows vps products, and the price generally needs to be around US $7-10, so I can only choose domestic VPS service providers. Because most domestic businesses use pirated systems, the cost is the same as that of Linux. Basically, the price is the same.

This is the reason why Windows vps are more expensive than Linux vps. The Windows system is not an open source program and needs to be paid for. Linux is open source, so the cost is relatively low. The maintenance cost is also much lower, and the cost of configured software is also not high.

This is why there are many Linux vps and the price is cheap. This is one of the reasons why PHP script programs have developed rapidly in recent years.

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