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Comparison of hard disk and CPU usage between CentOS and Debian systems

Lao Zuo has only been playing VPS for about two months, and he always plays SSH in front of his computer during his lunch break every day, pretending to play technology. I have tried to write a lot of installation and use tutorials before, of course, those are relatively elementary, and it needs constant training to become a Daniel. There was something bothering me at noon today, because when installing the VPS system, we all saw things like CentOS and Debian And Ubuntu, FreeNX, etc. Basically the same, but I don't know what the difference is.

The common ones are CentOS And Debian, such as my installation lnmp Prefer to use it in the centos environment, and install it llsmp I like to install it in Debian environment, because I heard from a Daniel before. So I did the same. I don't understand the difference between the two systems. So I experimented in my own VPS (512M, 20G), installed both systems, and tested the hard disk usage and CPU usage. Look at the picture below.

 CentOS system hard disk and CPU usage

The above is the usage in the Centos 5.6 32-bit system. The CPU occupies 20M, and the hard disk occupies 516M.

 CPU and hard disk occupation of debian system

In the Debian6.0 system, the CPU occupies 17M and the hard disk occupies 413M.

To sum up, relatively speaking, Debian saves resources, but it does not mean that CENTOS is bad. Generally, these can be ignored. CENTOS uses a lot of users. Especially for Chinese, there are many related courses.


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