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Solve the unzip file of Linux VPS installation

before lefty Tampering Linux VPS The centos system used for installing lnmp in can be used directly Unzip command To decompress the file package. However, when LLsMP is modified these days, the debian system is used. After uploading the program, the ZIP file package can not be decompressed by using the zuip command, which prompts that no such command is available. It indicates that unzip components are not installed by default in our system. Later, I learned that the gz package is generally installed by default, and zip is not installed before we use it.

The method is simple. If we are a Debian system, we can directly enter ssh and enter the following command to install:

apt-get install -y zip unzip

If we use the centos system, we need to enter the following command:

yum -y install zip unzip

The main reason is that different systems use different instructions. Of course, the above instructions are very simple for the veteran, but difficult for the novice. Lao Zuo hasn't found the article introduction on the Internet yet. Then I asked my friend to send it to me. I will make a record and hope that other webmasters with similar problems need to use it.

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