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View the details of hard disk usage and remaining space under Linux VPS (df command)

Many friends are visiting Laozuo Blog Or I saw a lot of basic VPSER learning tutorials shared by Lao Zuo. Of course, there should also be some help for many novice webmasters to change from using the host to using VPS at startup. In the process of using VPS, I also encountered other questions. When I asked Laozuo, he could not answer some, even many, questions because I basically started to learn VPS just like you, but I accumulated what I learned and what I encountered.

So it can be concluded that learning and using VPS is not difficult. After seeing Laozuo's tutorial, many friends can basically use the panel to operate VPS for one day, and use the one click installation package to build and maintain their own websites for three days. Any learning is a process of accumulation. For example, today I want to share the command of df to check the capacity of the hard disk, although I have shared it before“ Linux VPS commands for viewing system information "I usually use system commands, but I almost forget them when I use them less.

But yesterday Linode upgrade hard disk When I need to check whether VPS is upgraded or not, I need to use it, so today Lao Zuo will sort out the detailed usage of the df command.

1、df -hl View hard disk size And the remaining space, shown in M

2. Du - sm View the number of folders

3. Du [Parameter Details]

-A List all files and directories. The default value is the value of the list directory
-B The values listed in b are output as b
-C Final total
-The values listed in k are output in KB
-The values listed in m are output in mb
-S Only the last total value is listed

After that, I will arrange this article to deepen my impression. For those who use ssh, it is easy to forget if they don't use it often. If you want to learn the command to operate VPS, even if you see the command organized by Laozuo's blog, you'd better not copy it, but type it directly, so that you can remember it.

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