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Which is better to choose NVMe solid state or SSD for ECS disk

When we choose ECS, do we see that there are HDDs, SSDs, and NVMe disks in the majority? As for HDD disks, we should understand that they are more traditional physical hard disks. What we should know about SSD solid state disk is that most of our computers now use SSD solid state disk with better response speed. nowadays NVMe disk It is also a new and more advanced solid state disk.

NVMe, full name of Non Volatile Memory express, is a storage protocol based on PCIe bus, designed for flash memory. The reading and writing speed of NVMe solid state disk is much faster than that of traditional SSD. In theory, NVMe can read and write at an astonishing speed of 32Gbps, or about 4GB/s, which is far faster than SSD's speed of about 500MB/s. This means that NVMe SSDs can save a lot of time when transferring large amounts of data.

The IOPS of NVMe SSDs far exceeds that of SSDs, which enables them to have better performance when processing a large number of small files or performing a large number of concurrent read and write operations.

Compared with NVMe SSDs, SSDs are more affordable and suitable for users with limited budgets. Since the interface and power supply mode of SSD SSD are the same as HDD, HDD can be replaced seamlessly without additional hardware support.

The read/write speed and IOPS of SSD SSDs are insufficient compared with NVMe SSDs, especially when processing large amounts of data or highly concurrent read/write operations. The choice of NVMe SSD or SSD SSD depends on your specific needs. If you need extremely fast read/write speed and excellent performance, and the budget is sufficient, then NVMe solid state disk is undoubtedly a better choice.

Of course, if an ECS provider provides NVMe SSDs at the same price as SSDs, we will definitely prefer the former.

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