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Solve the problem of error prompt of WordPress installation plug-in "destination folder already exists"

We still use more WordPress programs here. If we install many plug-ins and themes and redeploy the theme, the error "destination folder already exists" may occur. This means that there are duplicate files. Some files already exist in the target folder. How can we solve this problem?

1. Replace plug-in theme file

If we upload an existing WordPress plug-in or theme, click the Replace current with uploaded button to overwrite the existing folder, so that the "target folder already exists" error does not appear. Or we can replace the plug-in or theme file.

2. Remove Reinstall

We can delete the original files and reinstall them. To protect data security, we need to back up the website before deleting the old folder. After the backup is completed, if our host provides a cPanel, you can use its file manager to access WordPress files or folders, find the public_html folder, and expand it. There will be a wp content folder to store all plug-ins and theme files.

Next, find the old plug-in or theme file to delete, and right-click Delete. Then, open the WordPress dashboard and reinstall the plug-in or theme. If there is no accident, the error "The target folder already exists" will not appear.

If the cPanel panel is not pre installed, we can also download and install FTP clients (such as FileZilla) to access WordPress files. After successfully logging in to the FTP client, find the public_html folder, go to wp content → plugins or themes, select the plug-in or theme to delete, and right click the Delete option.

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