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Modify the max_input_vars parameter to increase the number of PHP requests

When we run PHP programs on virtual machines or ECS servers, sometimes the number of requests exceeds, which will lead to excessive resource consumption and slow program running. This problem can be solved by modifying the max_input_vars parameter.

Max_input_vars is one of the important PHP parameters, which is mainly used to limit the maximum number of variables submitted through the POST method. When a user submits form data through POST, the data will be transferred to the server in the form of variables. The max_input_vars parameter can control the maximum number of allowed variables to prevent malicious users from submitting too many variables, which may lead to server resource exhaustion or security risks.

By default, max_input_vars has a fixed value. We can manually modify the problem of increasing load resources. For example, some virtual hosting vendors support modifying ini files on the panel. We can certainly modify ECS.

Of course, max_input_vars is not modified randomly. It needs to be slightly increased according to the appropriate number of requests without affecting the overall server performance.

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