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How to select CentOS version? Which CentOS system does ECS install

Our domestic friends choose ECS to deploy Linux systems. It should be more likely that they will choose to install CentOS. In addition, we can see that there are 8.0+and 7.0+versions. We should know that version 8.0+is no longer maintained, but the current version 7.+is no longer maintained and updated in 2024. We have to ask how to choose the CentOS version. In fact, most people still choose the CentOS 7.6 version.

 How to select CentOS version? Which CentOS system does ECS install

When selecting the CentOS version, we need to follow several principles:

1. Long term technical support:

Some versions will provide longer official support and security updates. This is very important for the production environment to ensure the stability and security of the system.

2. Update frequency

Different versions of CentOS have different software package update frequencies. Newer versions usually provide updated software packages and functions, but there may also be some instability or compatibility problems. If you need to use the latest software packages and functions, you can select the newer version.

3. User group

Some versions may have larger user groups and active community support, which means you can get help and documentation more easily.

At this stage (October 2023), CentOS 8 has been terminated, and CentOS Stream has become the focus of CentOS development. CentOS Stream is a rolling release version that provides more frequent updates and updates, but it may also have some instability. The best CentOS version depends on your specific needs. If you need stability and long-term support, you can choose CentOS 7 or older versions of CentOS 8, although their software packages may be relatively old. If you pursue the latest features and functions, and can accept the high update frequency and some instability, you can consider using CentOS Stream.

In conclusion, it is important to select the appropriate CentOS version according to your needs. If it is used in a production environment, it is recommended to select a version with long-term support and stability.

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