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Solve the problem that pagoda FTP cannot connect in ECS management

In general, we use ftp software to manage the file transmission on the server side and locally when maintaining the files on the server. At the same time, in the ECS configuration environment, we often use pagoda panels to build web servers. At the same time, it will be opened in the pagoda panel. After installing the FTP software, you can create an FTP account and use the local FTP software to manage files. But here I met some netizens who were unable to connect to the ftp account on the pagoda panel. What is the reason? I will solve this problem in several ways.

First, port security group

Generally speaking, the FTP account needs to open port 21 on the server. We need to check whether port 21 is enabled in the current server panel and whether the security group of ECS has released port 21. If there are multiple passes, check whether the port is sealed. Generally, the port will not be sealed. Some service providers may require that the security group be forced to open. We only need to open port 21 to the security group.

Second, account matching

Let's check whether the user name and password of the ftp account are correct, or reset the ftp account and password of the corresponding directory. Sometimes when we create an ftp account, we need to match the corresponding directory and website. For example, some ECS servers need to match certain permissions.

Third, FTP passive mode

By default, our ftp account connection is active. Let's check whether the ftp account can be enabled to select the sport mode.

Generally speaking, if the above three situations are solved, there is generally no problem.

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