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What type of website is the ORG domain name suitable for Applicable range of ORG domain name

If we are the webmaster who built the website early, we should know that COM, NET and ORG domains can be registered early. Now we see that COM and NET suffixes basically have few choices, so netizens are playing The idea of ORG domain name is whether it can be registered for use. What we need to say here is ORG domain name means organization by definition. It is applicable to all types of organization registration, including non-profit organizations.

We see that some non-profit organizations or developers will use it ORG domain name is obvious in foreign countries. However, it seems that it is not particularly popular in China. This premise also lies in that our people like to register COM domain names. In fact, even NET domain names do not like to register.

In terms of position ORG domain name suffix is the third largest domain name registration suffix in the world. It is suitable for registration in various industries and does not limit which industry you belong to. And with a certain age, SEO effect is also relatively good, if we do the website can register. Especially for overseas websites, but the policy for Chinese websites is ORG domain names currently do not support filing, and registration is available.

If we use it ORG domain name suffix is suitable for blogs or personal websites.

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