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Which is better for WordPress Chinese theme? Several lightweight and easy to use WordPress Chinese theme recommendations

At present, WordPress should be the most widely used program in the world's free and open source CMS. According to official statistics, more than one third of websites use WordPress programs. Many of our Chinese websites also use the WordPress program, such as corporate websites, we media blogs, content websites, and many e-commerce B2C websites. Lao Zuo personally believes that the reason for choosing WordPress is that WordPress has many free and paid themes and plug-ins. In this way, we only need to set up the program to activate the plug-in and theme to start the website. It is relatively convenient and does not worry about copyright.

Although WordPress currently has a wealth of free themes and plug-ins, there are still some particular choices in themes. For example, we try to choose a theme that is light and simple in function to ensure that WordPress is fast. What are the Chinese themes of WordPress worth choosing? For different functions, we can use different themes, such as enterprise websites, we media blogs, business websites, and even applets. Here, I recommend several WordPress Chinese themes that are easy to use and suitable for different functions.

1. JustHost Theme

Highlight: Chinese blogs and we media topics that are widely used and have good SEO effect.

Theme introduction: The JustNews theme is specially designed and developed for blog, We Media and consulting websites. With a new visual editor, you can quickly build the required pages by simply dragging and dropping settings. The built-in front-end user center function can support email and mobile phone registration login, as well as one click login of common social media at home and abroad. The new user center has added practical functions such as private message and attention. Code level optimization, installation free SEO plug-in, automatic internal link of article keywords and other powerful functions. One time purchase can obtain the long-term free use right of this WordPress theme, saving money and worry.

 JustNews theme is suitable for We Media blog theme. Two domain names can be bound in 618 years

The subject of JustNews is authorized by a single domain name, with a single authorization of 599 yuan. If necessary, you can apply for work order replacement authorization in the background. It seems that the price is a little high, but this theme is really used more. We see many excellent personal websites using it. There is a reason why you are expensive.

2. DUX Theme

Highlight: The DUX theme comes from ThemeBetter of Haozi, which costs 799 yuan at a relatively high price, but supports unlimited number of authorizations, suitable for multiple website uses.

Topic introduction: The DUX theme is also similar to the JUSTNEWS theme, which is suitable for We Media blog themes. It has a simple appearance, and is lightweight without complex code, and has a fast loading speed. And it has a strong membership function. It supports night mode, newsletter, special topic, Baidu inclusion, human-computer verification, multi-level classification screening, and is suitable for vertical sites, science and technology blogs, personal sites, flat design, simple white, super multi-function configuration, member center, direct link, and automatic thumbnail.

 Recommend two worthwhile personal blogs and We Media WordPress payment topics

The DUX theme does not limit the number of authorized domain names, but the domain names must be their own. For example, the official will irregularly check whether your authorized domain names are their own, such as the filing number, WHOIS information, etc. If they are used by others, the authorization will be revoked.

3. Module Topic

Highlight: It is suitable for topics requiring official corporate websites, and the single domain name of authorized corporate websites is 899 yuan. This cost is cheaper than that of the website customized by the network company.

Theme features: Module theme adopts new modular development, and the home page modules can be visually dragged and freely combined, which can be customized to build enterprise websites suitable for different industries. At the same time, the theme fully supports WPML multi language switching, which can easily build a foreign trade website. The module is built with our self-developed WordPress theme visual editor. By using the visual editor, even small white users can easily and quickly build their own pages with simple drag and drop settings. With the visual editor, we also need to cooperate with the module to layout the page, so we have invested a lot of development resources in the development and construction of the module. At present, the Module theme has many modules, which can meet different page layout and functional needs. In order to facilitate the rapid deployment of the website, our Module theme supports the one click import function, through which you can deploy your favorite style to your own site with one click. Later, you just need to replace the content according to your own needs, greatly improving the efficiency of website construction.

 Module Topic

If we want to do Chinese and English corporate websites, we can use them. Moreover, it has the authorized copyright and is not worried about being complained about by copyright. Many of the enterprise websites that you have invited Internet companies to do are fake websites, which also have copyright risks, and the cost is relatively low.

To sum up, the above three WORDPRESS Chinese themes are suitable for our commonly used personal blogs, we media article websites, and corporate websites. Is it what you need?

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