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2023 Amazon Cloud Spring Preferential Activity ECS 0 yuan purchase and receive 12 months of ECS

It must be that many of our individuals and enterprises are more likely to choose brand businesses when choosing cloud computing products. After all, brand service providers have better stability and services. Secondly, we will look at the benefits and preferences offered by major service providers. In recent years, we have seen well-known Amazon cloud service providers also increase their efforts to enter our domestic marketing. From the brand background, we can't doubt it. In addition, among similar businesses, Amazon Cloud's discount strength, especially for new customers, is full of sincerity.

No, we see that all major service providers have launched spring promotions. Today, Amazon Cloud also released the Spring 2023 event. This spring event released a 0 yuan purchase activity for cloud servers, databases, cloud storage and other products, and can enjoy free cloud servers for at least 12 months. Is this rare among similar service providers?

1. Cloud service 0 yuan purchase

Amazon Cloud launched a 0 yuan purchase activity for new customers and enterprises. For example, 12 months for ECS, 3 months for virtual server, 12 months for Amazon RDS relational database, and 12 months for S3 object storage service. Do we see high sincerity? Generally, server vendors are free for one month or three months, while Amazon Cloud can be free for up to 12 months, and some products are permanently free, so we can apply if necessary.

2. Cloud computing products

Some users may need ECS, databases, etc., but enterprises and individual developers may need more application products. We can see that Amazon Cloud also has a three-month video conference system, a monthly free corporate email experience, and a monthly free mass email system of 62000 messages. Of course, there are also development tools such as deep learning system, domain name, CDN, and WEB applications.

3. Cloud solution gift package

According to the business needs of enterprises, we can also see the release of Amazon Cloud China package. Of course, the business in China is currently limited to enterprise user application experience. Enterprises can also apply for cloud rapid website building services.

To sum up, the promotion efforts and product coverage of Amazon Cloud in the spring promotion activities are also relatively wide, which is suitable for our personal and enterprise application experience with cloud service business needs. If the experience is good, you can continue to use it.

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